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Get SUNERGIZED With SOLARgrid Solar Powered Gadgets

Lately, news are being aired that there would be power shortage next year, 2015. When I was a little girl, I have experience that long hours of brownout and I must admit that it was really hard to do things in the dark. It slows everything.

We don’t have emergency lights back then, so our light only came from a candle which was very risky to use because it can cause fire.

Thank God for good technology. Have you heard about solar-powered technology? This kind of technology has started to make way and capture the Philippine market through its efficacy and multiple benefits.


Solar Techno Design Solutions Inc. , the company behind SOLARgrid which produces and offers wide range of cost efficient solar panels, solar pumping systems that uses the power of the sun as alternative energy source in the Philippines to create a greener and more comfortable environment.
What’s good about SOLARgrid is that you can actually choose the materials and customize it for the whole solar generator system that you wanted and of course would fit your budget. For example, you can choose the Germany PV Panel and choose the Taiwan SMA Inverter. You can actually mix and match these parts and the SOLARgrid professional team will do the rest from the ocular on-site inspection, installation and maintenance of the whole system.

Under the SOLARgrid products came another brand which caters wide array of portable solar powered devices that you can actually use everyday… Introducing, SUNERGIZED by SOLARgrid.

SUNERGIZED by SOLARgrid provides cost-efficient, eco-friendly, low-maintenance solar powered lighting and charge devices that you can use during cases of brownout, indoor/outdoor activities and emergencies.

Here are some of SUNERGIZED by SOLARgrid solar powered lighting and charge devices I have seen so far which I find pretty convenient, safe and cost effective(it will give you a lot of savings on electric bills).




One of the cool features about some SUNERGIZED by SOLARgrid solar powered products is the multi charging system where you can charge manually by rotating a knob, or you can plug directly to the electricity and lastly ofcourse, charging with the use of the solar panel. Some also has AM/FM radio to keep you updated with what’s happening. Amazing!

Good news! You can actually avail the SUNERGIZED by SOLARgrid solar powered products from the following online stores: and

So what are you waiting for? Shop online now and enjoy the benefits of having SUNERGIZED by SOLARgrid solar powered products.

For more information about SOLARgrid and its products you may visit:



TWITTER: @Solargridph


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