Tutuban Center: Bargain Shopping At Its Best!

Tutuban Center

Tutuban Center is one of the popular and prominent shopping destinations in Divisoria. Actually, I grew up knowing the place from my parents who also shop there for gifts and mostly stuffs for personal use like clothes, houseware, etc. I’ve been to Tutuban Center several times already to do some girl thing shopping and it’s been a while since I last went there(it’s kinda far from my place. I’m from Rizal). 🙂


And just recently, I was invited by Tutuban Center and was challenged to do some shopping dash for 1 hour with a bunch of tasks to do, and was given paper money budget worth Php1000 to shop on participating stores within the center. Waaaaah! shopping?, one hour? I need more time! hahahaha. Will show you my haul as you read further.


Upon arrival to Tutuban Center(back side of Tutuban Center), I was really surprised to see some big improvements. Wow! It was really neat looking and a lot like better than it used to be. The center recently underwent a number of renovation work and building improvements to make the shopping experience of its patrons more worthwhile. There’s also a covered paid parking area now as well. We all know how hard it is to bring your own car to Divisoria right? That’s why back then, we rather not bring our car and just ride some public transportation going there. But now, I think our no-car notion will change.

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At the facade, you would also notice some significant changes. Across the Tutuban Center Main Station entrance, you would see the Bonifacio Shrine. A few steps more is the heritage building where the original train station was first stood during 1800’s. The center also repainted the buiding based on the heritage color palette and retained features like brick walls and century old wrought iron pillars.

It’s really so nice of Tutuban Center to think and do such renovations to preserve its history. It would definitely be one of the attractions that the whole area can offer.

The center also built a new and spacious foodcourt where different food choices are available like Binondo’s best food brands such as El Presidente and King’s Bakeshop. There are also plenty of picnic tables available so that shoppers can rest or eat before and after shopping.

Going back. As for my shopping experience, like what I have said earlier, I was given one hour to finish some shopping tasks with Php1000 paper money on hand to spend. Since I’m not familiar with the floor plan and booth locations of the participating stores,  it really took me a lot of time just by finding the stores hahaha. But it’s ok. Thank God I’m wearing comfortable shoes. 🙂

I managed to find a few, and started shopping.



Anding’s Toys and Flowers Inc. which is located at the Prime Block Clusters area sells different merchandise from toys, party favors, garden aaccessories, holiday decor and many more. The said store has been in the business for more than 20 years now. WOW!


The Prime Block offers different clothes for every occasion, RTW, sleepwear, custumes, fabrics, accessories and many more. This block is also a one-stop-shop for party needs where party planners will find colorful gift items, wall and table decors, costume accessories that they can use for weddings, birthdays or any occasion.




General merchandise stores are also available like the Orignamura store, where you can find different items from houseware, kitchenware, office essentials, and many more.



Unfortunately, 1 hour is not enough for me hahaha!. I failed in completeing the challenge and did not win. But I super enjoyed my shopping experience and my haul. So for Php1000, I was able to buy all of the things in the photo(16pcs hopia and a tub of toothpick not in the photo, but included in my haul). 🙂

Tutuban Center is open as early as 9a.m everyday. So drop by the place and shop till you drop! 🙂


Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/www.GirlandBoyThing.com