3 Ways To Make Your House Cooler in the Summer

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Well, it’s finally spring in Canada. Winter’s in the rear-view mirror, and everyone is starting to think about the happier, friendlier things, like planting flowers, staying outside later, and enjoying the warmer weather. In some regions, spring gets too hot too fast and really starts reminding us of summer already. Then, when summer finally comes, it’s just unbearable.
Now, if you have central air conditioning, your problem is basically solved, but what if you don’t? Or, what if you want to keep your house cooler without spending all that money on your electric bill?

Luckily, I have some solutions for you. So, when you’re looking at those Calgary homes for sale, you can imagine yourself enjoying it there in all kinds of weather.

3 Ways To Make Your House Cooler in the Summer

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Use Those Windows

No matter where you live, it will probably get much cooler at night than it is during the day. You can use this to your advantage! Instead of relying on your AC all the time, why not open all your windows at night to have the cool air come in to move the hot air out?

Not only is this ideal sleeping weather, but the new air should last into the next morning. You might also want to use a good old box fan to suck warm air out of your home and blow it outside. Sometimes, doing these things is all you need to get your house down to a reasonable temperature.

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Create Shade

Another idea for keeping your house cooler in summer is to create shade where there is none. You can install blinds on your porches and awnings over windows that get a lot of sun. You might be surprised how much of a return you get on the simple act of physically blocking sunlight.

Another, more long-term project you can take on is to plant trees in spots that will shade your house. You might have to wait a few summers for this to work effectively, but it certainly is a source of shade that will keep on giving year after year.

3 Ways To Make Your House Cooler in the Summer


In many areas, summer means not just heat but also humidity. And that humidity makes things seem 10 times hotter. That’s because your sweat doesn’t evaporate easily in humidity. Well, as it turns out, sweating is your body’s way of keeping cool. So if you can’t do it, you feel hotter.

But one great way to counteract that in the summer and make your house seem cooler is to run a dehumidifier. That will remove moisture from the air, which, when combined with the box fan method from earlier, will likely work wonders for bringing down your house’s temperature in those long, hot summers.

Sure, an aircon is great when the heat is just unbearable, but if you’re looking to save a buck on that this summer, try the above methods to make things easier on yourself and your family.


Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/www.GirlandBoyThing.com