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MyMusic Wallet is now available on!

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Launched very recently in partnership with Load Central, MyMusic Wallet is a virtual wallet that allows users to purchase songs through e-load or prepaid credits bought at Load Central stores and dealers. These are in denominations of PHP 100, 200, 300, and 500. These credits are stored in your wallet until you use them to purchase songs from

Your balance in the MyMusic Wallet is immediately subtracted each time you use it to pay for your songs, which saves you the trouble of having to enter your information over and over again! What’s more, the MyMusic Wallet is automatically available upon registration.

You can load up your MyMusic Wallet by buying e-load from your nearest Load Central retailer. You will be given a printout or an SMS that contains your card number and pin.

You can also load up your MyMusic Wallet through credit card or PayPal.

To pay for your songs with MyMusic Wallet credits, simply select it as your payment method and then click ‘Pay Now’. It’s easy, fast, and very simple!

Sign up now and download the hottest music from with your MyMusic Wallet!



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