Candy Dollz’ Maggie Magic Cream Blush for a Natural-Looking, Blushed Cheeks

Maggie Magic Cream

OOOOOH! you know what guys, I’ve got a very promising Filipino-owned cosmetic brand of cream blush that will surely get your attention. Have you heard about Candy Dollz’ Maggie Magic Cream Blush?. Yes, your read it right  “Magic cream blush”. You’ll know why as you read further.

Candy Dollz was launched in April 2018 and distributed by SAM4 Product Sales Corporation which offers a range of products that will cater different beauty needs designed for different skin types, and that includes Pinay skin.

Maybe some of you already have seen this product online or maybe some of you are already using it. Hope you could share your feedbacks as well by leaving a comment at the end of this post. For this blog, I will solely concentrate on my thoughts, opinion and product details about Candy Dollz’ Maggie Magic Cream Blush.

* Candy Dollz Cosmetics is responsible for the creation of Maggie Magic Cream Blush Candy Dollz Cosmetics is responsible for the creation of Maggie Magic Cream Blush who is also the brand carrier of this wonderful product. 

Let’s start with the packaging. The packaging looks so cute in pink with a very youthful and chick design. In all fairness, the packaging looks really nice for its price point. The squeeze tube contains 10 ml of Maggie Magic cream and is small enough to fit in your purse, wallet, or pocket so you can bring it anywhere and re-apply anytime you want.

Maggie Magic Cream Blush came from an inspiration to create an all natural cream blush. Not only that, it also contains mild ingredients such as emu oil and aloe vera which acts as a natural moisturizer that can protect your skin, making the product safe for young kids, teenagers and those with sensitive skin.



It would’t be called “magic” for nothing. If you can see the cream, it’s white right? but when you apply it on your cheeks, that’s the time that it will turn pink. Cool! It is very economical as well because with just a little amount of cream,(pea size or maybe lesser) it can go a long way and can give you that fresh and natural-looking blushed cheeks. (look at the photo above). 

This product is perfect for days when I don’t feel like wearing heavy makeup- just powder, lipstick and Maggie Magic Cream Blush. I love it.  

It is also highly pigmented and can last really long on your cheeks. If you will look at my photo timeline above, from the time that I applied it(1:30PM), went out, commuted, and got home at 7:30PM, my cheeks still look blushed(no retouch). 

TIP: Don’t put too much if you don’t want to look like a mad clown ahahha! Like I said, a pea size or maybe less than that will do.

Maggie Magic Cream

The only downside about this product is that it will leave a removable stain in your fingers which is acceptable and expected when you apply a cheek tint/cream using your fingers. I don’t mind it though because it will vanish in a few hours(you will not notice it). You can wash it off too to make it less visible.


Yes! Maggie Magic Cream is not just a blush, it is so versatile you can actually use it to have that after foot spa effect. Try rubbing a little of Maggie Magic Cream Blush together with your lotion around your heel to obtain that look. 


Here’s the big question, and surely you’re curious about…How much is Maggie Magic Cream Blush? It is really affordable. You can buy it online for only P150 and you can enjoy this multi-purpose beauty must-have. 

Candy Dollz' Maggie Magic Cream Blush for a Natural-Looking, Blushed Cheeks

I’ve been using Maggie for weeks now and I really like this product. I would recommend it to my friends and loved ones. And the fact that it is safe to use by everyone even kids is a major plus factor. For its price point, it is very practical to have and it can really serve its purpose.(Actually, way more than its purpose).

For orders and inquiries, you may log on to Candy Dollz’ Maggie Magic Cream Blush Facebook Page.


Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/