#GetScentimental: Fresh Philippines Launches BT21 Fragrance Mists


According to Discovery.com, Scents or fragrances bypass the thalamus and go straight to the brain’s smell center, known as the olfactory bulb. The olfactory bulb is directly connected to the amygdala and hippocampus, which might explain why the smell of something can so immediately trigger a detailed memory or even intense emotion. 

Isn’t it amazing how we remember and associate memories thru scents?

Speaking of scents and making memories, check out the BT21 Fragrance Mists of Fresh Philippines. #GetScentimental with these 4 scents that will accompany you as you make new BT21 memories with your friends and family. These scents are sure to leave you with lasting impressions.

There are four(4) available collectible variants to choose from:

#GetScentimental: Fresh Philippines Launches BT21 Fragrance Mists

Stargazing- This citrus fragrance takes you to a summer escapade surrounded by tropical fruits drizziled with rich creamy vanilla.

Fire Eclipse – A fruity floral fragrance that will take you to a meadow of roses, berries, and ripe peaches, while basking in the scent of creamy vanilla.

Sweet Calypso- This earthly fragrance takes you to a field of mangoes and mandarin while dancing in a bouquet of sweet dainty jasmine.

Hazy Moon – This energizing fragrance takes you under two bountiful orange and peach trees right in the center of a colored field of full blossom freesias.
#GetScentimental: Fresh Philippines Launches BT21 Fragrance Mists

All these fragrance are travel-friendly, affordable and will surely radiate FRESHness all throughout the day! Add this to your OFFICIAL BT21 MERCH COLLECTION and get a chance to enjoy 10% for all Fragrance mists from May 2-18, 2022 @watsonsph online.

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Are you ready to #GetScentimental? 

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator www.GirlandBoyThing.com