Protect Your Skin With Snow Crystal White Tomato

Snow Crystal White Tomato

As you may have noticed, its getting hotter and hotter each year. And with the scorching heat coming from the sun and its ultra violet rays penetrating our skin, it can cause significant damage that can lead to sunburn, age spots, wrinkles, or worse… cancer and many more serious skin problems.

With the kind of heat that we are experiencing everyday, applying a sunblock on your face and body is not enough even if you are using the ones with high SPF. It’s just an external protection. We also need to protect our skin from within. Yes you read it right. From within.  How? 

Protect Your Skin With Snow Crystal White Tomato

Introducing Snow Crystal White Tomato, the latest product from Vida Nutriscience Inc.. Snow Crystal White Tomato is the 1st of its kind combining Kohjin L-Glutathione, PhytoflORAL in one capsule!

Protect Your Skin With Snow Crystal White TomatoSnow Crystal White Tomato contains 3 main potent ingredients such as:

  •  500mg of Kohjin L-Glutathione, known to be one of the most powerful antioxidants that help remove free radicals and repair skin for a healthy glow from within especially if used long term. 
  • 800mg of PhytoflORAL, which is derived from a unique breed of organic white tomatoes which is clinically proven to whiten & even out skin tone, plus increases the skin’s ability to defend itself from UV rays. Natural Sunscreen to be exact.
  • 10mg of Bioperine. Derived from black pepper extract which is known in increasing the absorption rate of a variety of nutrients in nutritional supplement formulations like Snow Crystal White Tomato. Therefore, you can expect faster results.

Wow! Liver detoxification, removal of free-radicals that causes cancer, skin repair, skin whitening, plus that natural sunscreen for extra protection from the damaging rays of the sun. All of these benefits you can get by taking 1 tablet a day of Snow Crystal White Tomato.

Snow Crystal White Tomato Colorless Carotenoids with L-Glutathione will be available at all leading drugstores nationwide starting July 2017 for only Php2,985 per 30 capsules.

Protect Your Skin With Snow Crystal White Tomato

If you are not into oral supplement or not fond of using sunscreens, you still have another choice.You may also use Snow Crystal White Tomato Skin Whitening soap for more natural sun protection(But it would be more effective if you will use both Snow Crystal White Tomato capsule and soap). Snow Crystal White Tomato Skin Whitening Soap is priced at Php299.

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator