Regenerate your Skin with Collagen by Watsons

Collagen by Watsons

Aging is inevitable. As we age, we would definitely encounter a lot of skin issues like sagging skin, dark spots, uneven skin tone, fine lines, oiliness and even wrinkles. This is due to the decreasing collagen level in our body which is normal as we grow older. Collagen’s function is give elasticity, integrity, firmness on skin’s structure. But like what I said earlier, it decreases gradually leaving us with aging skin problems which most of us are very conscious about.

Regenerate your Skin with Collagen by Watsons

Luckily, we have products in the market like Collagen by Watsons which might be an effective skin solution to help address various skin aging concerns. Since I am in my early 30’s, I think I should start using these products. Well at least to delay the appearance of aging, skin wise.

 Collagen by Watsons is a new generation of skincare that contains critical nutrition for your skin. This skincare concept, originally developed in Korea, has been dermatologically tested and proven to help boost the skin’s natural collagen levels. It is designed with Tri-Collagen Complex, a unique formulation of three (3) collagen molecules working together, penetrating down to deeper layers of the skin. It purifies and regenerates the skin cells and improves elasticity.

The brand believes in the simple truth that beauty lies in the layers. This means going back to the basic foundation of the skin – collagen. The skin must be nourished from within to prevent and solve skin concerns, leaving you with your best-looking skin ever. This was clearly explained and discussed by experts during the Collagen by Watsons event in The Podium.

Regenerate your Skin with Collagen by Watsons

Collagen by Watsons offers an extensive range that suits your skincare needs as follows:

  • Dryness, roughness, and skin dullness. These are signs that your skin is dialing the rescue hotline. The Nourishing range’s collagen boosting system improves the skin’s elasticity to keep it moisturized, firm and supple.
  • Are you annoyed with dark spots or uneven skin tone? Do you wish to have a fairer skin? Your future is looking bright. White Regeneration is the whitening range made with Penta Lucent system that reduces dark spots and prevents melanin formation. With this range, skin is whiter, fairer and more translucent.
  • Droopy or saggy skin, wrinkles and fine lines – if you notice any signs of aging, it’s time to send an SOS. Reverse the signs of aging with Skin Renew. With its skin rejuvenating program, it repairs and restores skin cells to give a firmer and younger looking skin.
  • Oily skin is the worst way to shine. Aim for that fresh, dewy look. The Hydro Balance range has Smart Water Channel that infuses water deep into the skin, keeping it hydrated. It locks in moisture to keep our skin feeling fresh, soft and smooth.

Learn more on how Collagen by Watsons can help you achieve a healthy, beautiful skin. Chat with Call on Collagen chatbot by visiting Get beauty tips and reminders, skin facts and be updated with the latest store offers and promotions.



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Written by Cristelle Torres
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