ENCHANTEUR PARIS: Your Scent. Your Fashion. 

Enchanteur Paris

Your perfume is one of the best accessories that you could wear. So true. Just like the French women who are known for their great taste in fashion, and wearing perfume is part it.

Wearing perfume really adds up to your look even if you are just wearing simple clothes. Maybe you already experienced when someone walked in a room or passed by you and the place suddenly smelled good because that person wore a fragrant perfume that you will definitely stop to sniff and tell yourself “Wow, that smells so good!”

Like them, we also want to smell good whether we are outside or just at home. It’s a good thing that Watsons, Asia’s leading health and beauty retailer, introduced Enchanteur Paris which offers a range of high quality, affordable, and timeless French-inspired Eau de Toilette and fragrance-infused body care products for young women.

Enchanteur Paris has four fragrances that you can choose from. Whichever suits your mood, you can wear each scent. Something light, fresh, sparkling, elegant or sensual. 

ENCHANTEUR PARIS: Your Scent. Your Fashion. 

MAGIQUE.My personal favorite. Scent for the carefree, confident and the adventurous type. This magical mix of apple, magnolia and praline is perfect for your day out.

ENCHANTEUR PARIS: Your Scent. Your Fashion. 

BELLE AMOUR. This romantic sweet scent of apple, melon, blackcurrant and pink rose blend is something that a romantic sweet girl like you would like to wear on your date.

ENCHANTEUR PARIS: Your Scent. Your Fashion. MON AMIE. How about girls who are fun, cheerful and charming? You might want to wear this breezy scent of fresh citrus, pink peonies, and red apple on your exciting adventure with your friends.

ENCHANTEUR PARIS: Your Scent. Your Fashion. 
. If you are into sensual scent, you might want to consider wearing this fragrance. A combination of golden pear, pink mimosa and wild jasmine that envokes an alluring scent adding up glamor and sophistication to anyone wearing it.

Enchanteur Paris also has other products to compliment with their Eau de Toilette fragrances(retails at Php400) such as Parfum Lotion(Php275), Parfum Serum(Php210), Deospray(Php129)and Hand Cream(Php100) . With these products, your chosen Enchanteur Paris scent will linger and enchant the whole day.

Enchanteur Paris
fragrances and products are exclusively available at all Watsons stores and The SM Store Beauty Section Nationwide. 

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/www.GirlandBoyThing.com