Show The Real You… Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful


With the standards being set by the world about beauty which we usually see on the magazines, television, billboards, and internet, a lot of women has developed issues with self-image. We became more and more insecure. Thinking that only girls or women who are skinny, or fair-skinned and many more are the ones who are beautiful. We tend to see our flaws constantly. And so, we undergo a lot of regimen and spend so much for it in order to fit into those standards. Having said that, It’s just sad that while we are busy trying, we forget the true meaning of #realbeauty… we lose the real us little by little.

We are all uniquely created by God. We are all beautiful. Yes! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! We just need to take care of ourselves by eating right, live a healthy lifestyle, plus we should choose the right products to maintain our natural beauty.

Show The Real You... Be Your Own Kind Of BeautifulSpeaking of choosing the right products, there are only few brands that I only trust. One of those brands is DOVE.ย  I love how Dove makes my hair manageable, my underarms sweat-free and my skin softer and moisturized.

For so many years, Dove has been making women more beautiful with their line of products. Have you seen the latest Dove commercial? Watch the video below and see how the brand celebrates all types of beauty.

BE YOUR OWN BEAUTIFUL. You have to own it and be confident. We should disregard the new norm of being beautiful that the world wants us to see and perceive. Real beauty is not just for some people, #RealBeauty is Universal!.

Show The Real You... Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

Thank you Dove Philippines for sending my very own personalized Dove set. Super love it!


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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/