Citi PH Introduces Voice Biometrics For Added Security

Citi Voice Biometrics

With the continuous advancement of technology nowadays, every information are very much accessible. With that in mind, you wouldn’t know if someone already has your private information and use it to transact on your behalf especially with bank transactions on the phone. Would you feel secure?


Now you don’t need to worry because Citi Philippines, the country’s largest foreign bank, just launched their newest security feature for Citi PH phone banking to identify their clients… Introducing, Citi Philippines’ Voice Biometrics where your voice is now your password. 

For sure you will be asking the same question just like me when I heard about Citi PH Voive Biometrics…

“What if someone imitates my voice? can they access my account via phone?

The Voice Biometrics Authentication capability identifies customers through their voice print which is similar to a fingerprint and is unique with each person. (God is really amazing right?!) So you don’t need to worry, even if someone imitated your voice, Citi’s phone banking system can definitely determine that it wasn’t you calling.

Citi clients can enroll to this newest security feature, the first of its kind in the country, where Citi will use their clients’ voices to generate and store their voice prints for matching subsequent calls to Citibank. Each voice print will be uniquely tagged and cannot be reversed engineered once stored.


“We are proud of our strong track record in innovation, and we are delighted to once again take the lead in introducing a game changer in the banking industry. We relentlessly focused on making it more convenient for our customers to bank with us,” said Aftad Ahmed, CEO of Citi Philippines.

To date, voice biometics authentication has been implemented in Taiwan, Austalia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. It will be rolled out throughout the region in 2016 and 2017 to cover all 12 of Citi’s consumer banking markets in Asia Pacific that represent more than half of the bank’s 19 consumer markets globally.

With Citi Philippines’ Voice Biometrics, there’s no need to remember passwords, PINS, or answer a series of questions just to verify your identification.  From a very time consuming verification process that takes about 45 seconds or more in phone banking, now the length of call will surely be reduced to around 15 seconds or less. All you need is your voice…

Your voice is your pasword.


For more information about Citi Ph’s Voice Biometrics security feature, log on to or call 995-9999.

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/