Love. L-O-V-E. Some define it as a feeling, some as an emotion, to others a responsibility, a strong affection for another , a deep sexual attachment so on and so forth. There are different definition. And in a society where love is controlled by society ‘ s old conventions and traditions, barriers arise such as Age gaps , same-sex relationships , cultural differences which continue to hold people back from experiencing the most beautiful feeling in the world.


So much so that while 90 % of today’s Filipino youth dream of a world where people are free to be with the person they ‘ re attracted to , less than half actually feel they have that freedom to do so , fearing shame or discrimination when pursuing seemingly unconventional relationships .

Closeup takes to heart these sentiments by showing and championing different kinds of love and mutual respect for all on various platforms , in order to create a society where instead of imposing rules on love , we let love rule . 


” We at Closeup believe that everyone should have the freedom to love , regardless of gender , race , social status , age or religion , ” says Carmela Guno , Closeup Philippines Brand Manager . ” Through our # FreetoLove campaign and the diverse stories we showcase , we hope to realize our vision of a world where people can get closer to each other , without doubts or fears of judgement or prejudice , ultimately allowing love to rule . “ 

Closeup # LoveRules Exhibit 

Bringing this campaign to life , Closeup recently held its # LoveRules Exhibit , an interactive event celebrating all kinds of love through a panel discussion and different mediums of art . 

Scattered around the event were four murals created by graffiti artist Jappy Agoncillo , each highlighting a perceived barrier to relationships and celebrating how Filipino couples overcome these differences – from age and cultural gaps , the stigma around online dating , to acceptance of LGBTQIA couples – championing love above all else . 


Providing entertainment for the event were spoken word artists Carla Nicoyco and Alfonso Manalastas , and singer BP Valenzuela . These artists shared their personal works reflecting their experiences of love and how they choose to empower others to love freely . 


Further opening up the conversation around #LoVeRules , Closeup also held a panel discussion . facilitated by Vicky Herrera , focusing on celebrating and fighting for all forms of love , even in a society where love still has rules . The panel consisted of four outspoken and open – minded individuals , each with their  of  finding love without fear or doubts . Radio DJ and host Katz Salao talked about being confident in going after what she wants , and even making the first move , going against the Maria Clara stereotypeFilipina women . Mother of two Andi Eigenmann Spoke of leaving the pressures of Manila and showbiz , and eventually finding freedom to love despite what everyone else expected of her . Indoor cycling instructor EG Bautista shared his coming out experience , and overcoming his fear of judgement of his same-sex relationship. Finally , actress and entrepreneur Issa Pressman discussed how she remains open to the  possibilities of life , even as her relationships unfold in the public eye . 

By bringing forward and highlighting these diverse stories in its #FreeToLove Closeup continues to empower everyone to get close and choose love , hoping to create a more accepting  and respectful world . Where love has rules , take a stand and let love rule . 

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/