#ForeverFun with Chupa Chups SUPER MEGA LOLLY


Chupa Chups. Could you believe it? This iconic brand abd childhood favorite just turned 60 this year. Wow! It’s been in the market that long. I grew up enjoying this confectionery brand and it has been a part of my life because my mom used to buy me this when I was a kid whenever she goes to the supermarket to buy our baon for school.

Of course, for Chupa Chups, fun is for life, not just for kids. While adults may feel the pressure to grow up, Chupa Chups encourages everyone to hold on to all the good stuff and keep the inner kid alive.

And so, as Chupa Chups celebrates its 60th year, comes a SUPER MEGA surprise which was revealed through a 1950s-themed party at Bonifacio High street, BGC last November 9, 2018.

It was really a fun event. There’s a game area where me and other guests were able to enjoy the iconic game machines like the claw machine filled with Chupa Chups merchandise. There’s also a photobooth to take you Chupa Chups moments, a guessing game where you’ll have to guess how many Chupa Chups lollies inside the big box, and lastly there’s a lot of Chupa Chups lollipops everywhere!

Wanna know what’s the BIG surprise?

To add even more fun to the brand’s classic lollipops, unique gums, and colorful jellies, Chupa Chups just launched the newest Chupa Chups Super Mega Lolly. First in Southeast Asia. Guys and gals, i’m not kidding… it’s really big. Not the one in the video above hahahah, but please see photos below to see the actual size.

“In line with the brand’s 60th birthday, we wanted to do something really big. So, to kick off the new global positioning of Forever Fun in the Philippines, the Chupa Chups Super Mega Lolly is definitely perfect for the job,” said Denise Opulencia, Chupa Chups Brand Manager.


It’s bigger than my head! OMG! The Super Mega Lolly is Chupa Chups’ biggest product offering to date. It resembles a giant lollipop, inside are 40 assorted-flavored lollipops that just keep the fun going.

#ForeverFun with Chupa Chups SUPER MEGA LOLLY

Eugen Soriano, PVM Trade Marketing Manager and Digital Lead, adds, “For the launch of Super Mega Lolly, we decided to partner with Shopee because we share the same vision of constantly innovating and being where our consumers are. In today’s modern world, there’s no other way but to go digital.”

With the addition of the Super Mega Lolly, Chupa Chups proves once again that it is more than a brand; it is a modern icon.

Chupa Chups Super Mega Lolly is exclusively available on Shopee at an introductory price of PHP 550.


Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator www.GirlandBoyThing.com