How Watching TV Can Change Family Lives In A Big Way


With all the advancement in technology nowadays, people tend to focus more on their own smartphones, tablets and other gadgets making less time to bond with friends or loved ones. It’s like each of us has our own world. Even at home, family time becomes more limited and relationships are directly affected as we tend to make more time in checking, browsing and doing other activities. Sadly, these are the effects of progressing technology and fast-paced life.


It’s nice to know that a certain tech brand like Devant has created and use the technology advancements to bridge the gap making family and friends more bonded with their newest campaign, 7:30 PM TV Get Together which is also in line with their latest smart TV releases.

Driven by the tagline “Changing lives in a big way”, and through their newest campaign, Devant hopes to instill the importance of personal ties by simply reviving and enjoying our long lost habit… watching TV.  The campaign is also a part of Devant’s manifesto of promoting the responsible role of a TV brand in bringing families together as they simply take a step back from the effects of technology and enjoy fun times together.devant-curved-ultra-hd-tv

Now every night becomes a TV bonding night when families and friends get to enjoy their favorite shows together. It would be more enjoyable of course when you watch it via Devant’s Ultra HD Big Screen TVs complemented with surround sound which adds up the fun to your TV experience.


Speaking of TV experience, Devant’s 65 and 55-inch Curved Ulta HD TV like the AVC400 Curved Ultra HD TV offers exceptional features such as follows:

  • 3840 x 2160 Resolution with 60Hz Vivid motion powered by Quad Core CPU
  • Built-in ISDB T-receiver
  • SMART TV function that has connectivity options and is perfect for streaming videos on YouTube and Netflix.
  • Anyview Cast- a screen mirroring function that allows you to seamlessly share your favorite music, photos, and videos from your mobile phone or tablet to your TV without using cables.

Knowing these features, you will definitely look forward to your unique 7:30PM TV bonding time everyday with your family or friends.  It may not be a sudden change, but if you will do it from time to time it would become a habit and can change family lives in a big way in the long run.

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/