Keeping it Sexy at Miss Philippines Earth 2017

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Beauty?…Check!. . Sexy figure?…Check!. These are some of the qualities that most beauty pageants are looking for in their candidates. 

Looking from a candidate’s perspective, we all know that the world of beauty pageant could be a bit stressful. With all eyes looking at you, you are required to look at your best at all times. 

Keeping it Sexy at Miss Philippines Earth 2017

Exercise, strict diet, body treatments(facials, liposuction, RF, etc.)and some dietary supplements. These are the common methods that most candidates are doing to maintain their beauty or get a slimmer body. The same methods that the 10 early Miss Philippines Earth 2017 favorites are doing as they revealed it to the media during the event hosted by mySlim.

To most people, slimming is about looking more beautiful-well it depends on how you do it. But the makers of mySlim believe that beauty achieved through unhealthy practices is not worth a try. It can even endanger one’s life. With that, you should always choose the safest but effective ways to get that gorgeous body-like a beauty queen.


mySlim is a slimming solution with purpose, just as Miss Earth is about managing the environment in a sustainable manner. mySlim is not just about weight loss, but it is also for responsible and sustainable weight management for those who wanted to shred extra pounds. It is a slimming product that works in tandem with healthy lifestyle choices to create a slimmer and healthier you through scientifically-proven formula for weight loss such as follows:

  • Yerba mate. It is a natural slimming agent that enhances the fat-burning process of your body.
  •  L -Carnatine. It is a metabolism booster that helps physical performance, allowing you to maximize the benefits of your workout.     

You can choose from the two mySlim variants. The Yerba Mate drink and the Capsule form. Read more about the two here

Again, these dietary products only boosts the fat burning process to help you reach your fitness and beauty goals faster. You still need to work out your way and go out of your comfort zone by eating right and exercising regularly-just like what the candidates of Miss Philippines Earth 2017 did like what I mentioned earlier. Watch them by the way this coming July 15, 2017 for the coronation night of Miss Philippines Earth 2017 at the Mall of Asia Arena. 

PRECAUTION: mySlim Yerba Mate Drink And mySlim Capsule are not recommended for pregnant women, lactating women and Children. Please consult your doctor before taking it especially when you are taking prescription drugs.

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/