Love Life and Adventure With AMWAY KISS CAMPAIGN


 It was a different interactive experience for me as Amway Philipines made one of its stops in Metro Manila for their latest campaign, the AMWAY KISS CAMPAIGN. The global beauty and wellness company featured the brand’s catchy new song “Kiss” to raise the volume of adventure and to get Filipinos hooked to the electric rhythm of life.

AMWAY KISS CampaignWill you dare to groove?  Me and my blogger pals tried this. I may have not have the dancing skills, but hey, at least I tried hahaha! Even if I can’t follow most of the steps, I was able to get a score of 300+. 

AMWAY KISS Campaign On the same booth is another interactive game, Will you dare to kiss? game where you have to catch as many kiss icons as possible in the given time. This one is harder hahaha.

AMWAY GlisterAnd after playing each of the games, I was able to get a Glister Mint Refresher Spray which dropped automatically on the Kiss slot. Wow! Now no more bad breath episodes after eating garlic or onion-flavored meals or maybe when you are too hungry-dry mouth times! I know you now what I mean. 🙂

Going back about the song, A line from its song “I insist that you kiss” had crowd following a different groove and enjoying buoyancy, boldness, and vigor that comes from taking in only the healthy and natural. This 2017 can be the year of taking chances because Amway’s “Kiss” Campaign goes on the road(Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Manila) and will leave more Filipinos supercharged with the energy and confidence they need.

AMWAY KISS CampaignAmway Philippines got a wide-range of products to that can fit your lifestyle need. To mention a few, here are some. GlisterMint Refresher Spray is just what everyone needs to get the conversation rolling for a night of close encounters without being conscious of getting other company’s turn-offs due to bad breath. Blow off all your anxieties and let loose with Nutrilite Acerola C—the protection sourced from acerola cherries.  And lastly, for jam-packed days, there’s always Nutrilite Double X(not in the photo) that covers the full spectrum of nutrition for thrill-seekers out there. All these power-packed supplements are organically prepared by Amway, from seed to supplement. It’s good news for me that Amway supplements are organic and with that i’ll know that what I am taking in is safe and not synthetic.

With a healthy body, a positive attitude, and vitality from using Amway products, now you can get started on kissing life, living it fully, and face it with confidence.

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator