Pump Up Your Engine With The New Shell V-Power Fuels

New Shell V-Power fuels

Owning a car is quite a responsibility and a bit expensive(I know you would agree with me on that). Of course you have to make sure that it’s in good condition by bringing it to the mechanic(that’s if you don’t know how to fix cars like me haha!), you buy accessories as well to make its usage more enjoyable and attractive, and lastly you gas it up with the best fuel there is that you can afford.

With so many options in the market, we should be careful in choosing the fuel brand that we are feeding our car because part of its performance depends on it.

Pump Up Your Engine With The New Shell V-Power Fuels

Pilipinas Shell understands this need of Filipino drivers. To better equip them on the road, the fuel company continues to develop better, if not the best fuel formulations so far. Working with the best teams available, Shell continues to create innovative products to help meet the constantly evolving needs of its customers and their vehicles. 

Pump Up Your Engine With The New Shell V-Power Fuels

”We are constantly faced with the challenge to keep up with the rapid evolution of vehicle technology and the changing needs of our customers. We understand their desire to give their vehicles the best which, in turn, may also help them perform at their best as well. This is why we have spent over half a decade of research and development to produce our best-ever fuel, the new Shell V-Power,” says Anthony Lawrence Yam, Pilipinas Shell Vice President for Retail

Every driver has his or her own priorities when it comes to the choice of fuel. Some value power and performance, while some value efficiency. But if you will find these benefits all in one fuel. I would definitely go for that.

Pump Up Your Engine With The New Shell V-Power Fuels

Just recently Pilipinas Shell unveiled the New Shell V-Power fuels which offers brand new formulations + DYNAFLEX Technology. Shell V-Power is the only fuel co-engineered and recommended by the iconic Formula 1 race team, Scuderia Ferrari. 

The New Shell V-Power fuels comes in three variants: Shell V-Power Gasoline, Shell V-Power Racing, and Shell V-Power Diesel.

Shell V-Power Racing and Shell V-Power Gasoline fuels target two key factors that can impact engine efficiency and performance namely friction and deposits. The new Shell V-Power Diesel is designed to help restore up to 100% of your engine’s performance by removing deposits from fuel injectors.

Wow! Those mentioned above are the things that the New Shell V-Power fuels could do to your car’s engine. Imagine how much money you could save in the long run when it comes to your engine’s maintenance. A very wise choice for vehicle owners. 

Disclaimer: Actual effects and benefits may vary according to vehicle type, vehicle conditions and driving style. 

For more information and updates about the New Shell V-Power fuels, visit www.shell.com.ph

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/www.GirlandBoyThing.com