Save As Much As 80% When You Buy Watsons Label Products

Watsons Label

When I buy my things like hair treatments, lotions, body wash and hand soaps, I always see to it that aside from the savings, I make sure that I get good quality as well.

Watsons Switch and Save

When I saw Watsons Label products, and compared it to its counterparts? wow! there’s a big difference when it comes to the price. I tried some of Watsons Label products and the results/effects are the same or even much better so that made me switch. Now, my family specially me and my mom has been using Watsons Label products for years now. 

Patty Laurel watsons switch and save

As part of Watsons’ Switch & Save Campaign, model, host, teacher, blogger and expectant mom Patty Laurel-Filart dropped by Watsons at The Block SM North Edsa last May 16, Saturday, for some last minute shopping of her baby essentials and to surprise shoppers as she played store supervisor for the day.

Last May 2 Tessa Prieto-Valdes was at the SM Aura having the time of her life playing cashier, pharmacy attendant and store supervisor while singer Christian Bautista made the switch from singer to store supervisor last April at the Watsons Store SM Mall of Asia.

Patty Laurel Filart Watsons Switch and Save

“I’ve always been a practical shopper, especially now that I’m expecting my first baby I’ve become more conscious about the things I buy. Not only do I look at the price but also at the quality and even the contents of products I put on my shopping basket. Not only does Watsons have the most convenient locations, I also love their store layout because it is easy to find the items I need. Now that they also have generic medicines, I don’t even have to go to a different place to buy my vitamins and supplements. And the best thing about it all, you can actually save as much as 80 percent simply by choosing Watsons label products.”, says Laurel-Filart.

Just lke my family, Patty is a proud user of Watsons Label products and shared some of her beauty regimens in maintaining her looks. For her hair there’s Watsons Treatment Shampoo Argan Oil and Watsons Treatment Wax to moisturize and deeply nourish hair. She also uses Watsons Milk & Salt Scrub Whitening; Watsons Collagen Q10 Intensive Moisturising & Firming Hand Cream, which contains anti-ageing Q10 and nourishing Shea Butter; and Watsons Blood Orange Hand Cream, which has anti-oxidising properties for brighter skin.

For her facial regimen she uses Watsons Facial 3 Step Mask that combines three rejuvenating therapies to bring out the beauty and make your skin clearer and more translucent and to remove her makeup there’s Watsons Big Pack Green Tea Scented Wet Tissues.

watsons label products

Of course, like Patty, I would not miss the chance on getting huge savings with  Watsons Label products. I am not a mom yet, but  I understand the concept saving and how important it is to maximize and redirect to other things that you can do like vacation, buying your dream gadget or appliances , and many more.

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From personal care items, beauty essentials, and even medicine, Asia’s leading personal care store now offers a wider variety of products under its own label, giving shoppers the choice to save as much as 80 percent without compromising on quality. Now you don’t have to scrimp on your personal essentials to get the things you want as Watsons intensifies its Switch and Save campaign.

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It’s definitely a lot easier to enjoy what life has to offer when you choose to Switch and Save the Watsons way.

Watsons Label believes that with more value from hard-earned money spent on quality affordable products, every Filipino gets more savings to enjoy the other important things in life with their loved ones.


Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator