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A lot of people are shifting into healthy lifestyle nowadays. Our path going there is not easy knowing that there are a lot of temptations(restaurants/parties/cravings) that can ruin or distract you from reaching your health goals. There are vegan restaurants and healthy food delivery services around the metro, but it would cost you some money(Yes it’s a bit expensive-plus you don’t know how they prepare your food orders). For me, it is much better if I prepare my own meals.

Speaking of preparing meals, a domestic appliance brand, TEFAL emphasized on leading a healthy and happy lifestyle, not just with cooking, but in our everyday home tasks. Whether you’re independently single, part of a young, growing family or have an extended brood, TEFAL offers ingenious solutions to help lead a better and more balanced life.

TEFAL Launches LIVE HEALTHY, STAY HAPPY CampaignAnd just recently, the brand launched their newest campaign, “Live Healthy, Stay Happy along with TEFAL’s brand ambassadors through an event called “Experience Tefal”.

TEFAL Launches LIVE HEALTHY, STAY HAPPY CampaignTrue enough, attendees were able to experience TEFAL appliances from steam iron, to rice cookers and many more. Super love the steam iron by the way. Even if it’s quite heavy, the ironing time is shorter compared to the normal flat iron.

TEFAL Launches LIVE HEALTHY, STAY HAPPY CampaignOf course, since i’m into healthy living, I volunteered together with my dear blogger friend Marjorie-Uy in making fresh juices, smoothies and some nutritious snacks using TEFAL’s blenders and juicers. Learned about the proper fruit combination. I always thought that as long as it is fruits that I am mixing, it’s healthy. I’m doing it all wrong!

Sweet fruits like banana, tomato, papaya don’t digest well with acid fruits like pomelo, strawberry, pineapple etc. On the other hand, Sub acid fruits like mango, apple, grapes can be mixed with Acid fruits. Melons, watermelons are digested quickly so you should not mix it with other fruits.

TEFAL Launches LIVE HEALTHY, STAY HAPPY CampaignWe were guided by TEFAL’s Corporate Chef, Maria Sonia Astudillo who is also the author of TEFAL’s 2017 Summer Recipe book, Fruity Summer Fest – a collection of fruit smoothies, juices, skewers and dips recipes. Got a copy of this and I’m really excited to prepare these healthy meals and refreshments.


Understanding the limitations of the regular kitchen and the constraints that most individuals encounter on a daily basis, TEFAL has developed appliances that are innovative, efficient, and practical.  From Electrical Cooking, Food & Drink Preparation, to Linen Care and Home Care, TEFAL’s innovations will be redefining the Filipino home experience and bringing it to a new level.

Since smartly-pressed, crease-free clothes always create a good impression, TEFAL Irons and Garment Steamers are home essentials.  TEFAL innovations like its Durilium Soleplate Technology makes ironing less of a chore due to its smooth glide, so clothes can be ironed in half the time compared to other irons without it.

For health-conscious individuals, TEFAL offers various Blenders and Juicers. TEFAL Blenders’ innovative Tripl’Ax Technology maximizes the action of 6 blades with three combined actions — Cyclone Booster, Extreme Mixing and Chunks Killer – to make a perfectly smooth blend. TEFAL’s Infiny Press Slow Juicer on the other hand, offers 35% more juice, 30% more Vitamin C and 75% more antioxidants than using traditional juice extractors to provide naturally genuine vitamin-packed and nutrient-filled juices.

Tefal Appliances

Cook your rice to perfection with the TEFAL Microcomputer Rice Cooker. TEFAL’s innovative 4-layer ceramic coated pot has a unique diamond-shaped pattern that contributes to even heat diffusion and better cooking, resulting in tasty and fluffy rice. It is very durable, resistant to scratches, and cleans very easily (no need to soak!). Enjoy its versatility with 10 automatic cooking programs like a fun Cake function to make meal times more enjoyable.

Tefal Appliances

When you can’t get enough of your deep-fried picks such as French fries, sausages or fried chicken, TEFAL Fry Delight serves up the same fried taste and texture that you love, but with less oil. This low-fat fryer with Air Pulse Technology keeps food crisp on the outside and cooked tender on the inside, all while making usage and post-cooking cleanup fast and easy.

Discover confidence, convenience and a pleasurable life experience with TEFAL appliances. Together, let us live healthy, stay happy.


From May 10-31, 2017, all TEFAL small domestic electrical appliances will be 20% off! 

For more information about TEFAL appliances promos and the “Live Healthy, Stay Happy” campaign, you may visit their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/tefalappliancephilippines.


Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator www.GirlandBoyThing.com