Watsons Switch & Save: Take The Switch Test

Watsons Switch & Save

When you buy something like clothes, make-up, personal care, etc., it doesn’t always have to be expensive. You can always look for alternative brands with the same quality, but cheaper the price. And that is the very reason why Watsons would like you to take the Switch Test. It is an ultimate test among the leading personal care brands vs. Watsons Label brand products.

Watsons Switch Test

Setting up unbranded booths in major cities around the country, Watsons put its products up against the best of the best- the category leaders. Without showing or telling them what brands were involved, the Switch Test mediator had each customer try out two products- Watsons and the leader. They were asked to hold them, examine them, test and compare them, and eventually to choose the one they would buy. Which ones came out on top? Here’s what the customers had to say.

Watsons Switch and Save

The team tested lotion, toothbrushes, body scrubs, tissue, even hair irons, and, in the end, less than 20% of shoppers chose the leading brand over Watsons quality. But when informed of the sizeable savings afterward, even they were easily swayed to switch. One in particular summed it up perfectly, “Up to 80 percent savings on body lotion, 60 percent on body scrub, and 55 percent on hair iron, what’s there to think about?”

For several years now Watsons has been running its Switch & Save campaign, showing its customers that if they switch from the leading brand to Watsons brand they can get excellent quality personal care products at up to 80% less.

Watsons Switch and Save Tessa Prieto

The effort has met with massive success, convincing tons of people from everyday shoppers to high-profile endorsers (Iya Villania, Christian Bautista, Tessa Prieto Valdez, and Patty Laurel) to make the change. But with such unbelievably great savings, some skeptics remained unconvinced that Watsons products could be as good as the leading brand. To settle the question once and for all, the Watsons team decided to put it to the test- The Switch Test.



Indeed, with the Switch Test done, the results are clear- 8 out of 10 shoppers prefer Watsons quality, not to mention the Watsons price. So just like me, make the switch now and enjoy huge savings!

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/www.GirlandBoyThing.com