Win An iPhone 7 at Watsons’ BIG WHITE BLOWOUT


“Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life” – Renée Rouleau.

I agree with Renée, we really need to take care of our skin. Aside from the fact that our skin is the largest organ on our body, it is also the most visible one. Visible to the public eye.

I know lots of people especially women who have skin issues just like me such as dryness, uneven skin tone, dullness and many more. And these skin issues can greatly affect our mood and confidence. It’s really frustrating.

Seeing women with beautiful flawless white skin sometimes made me so envious(hey, i’m only human) and ask why do other women have that kind of skin and I don’t. Well, I’m not saying that mine is really ugly but like what I have said, it has issues. This may be the very same reason why people keep on looking for the right products to help them battle with their skin frustrations.

Win An iPhone 7 at Watsons' BIG WHITE BLOWOUTThankfully, there are a lot of skin regimen in the market that we can use to improve our skin. Making it flawless, radiant and youthful looking. Where can you find these products? Drop by at Watsons, Asia’s leading health and beauty retailer and get your favorite whitening supplements and products.

Win An iPhone 7 at Watsons' BIG WHITE BLOWOUTAnd the timing is just perfect because Watsons is currently having their Big White Blowout where you can get so many choices and amazing deals and discounts on your whitening needs.

Win An iPhone 7 at Watsons' BIG WHITE BLOWOUT

Take your pick from the wide variety of products such as whitening soaps, facial creams, body lotions, and deodorants and many more.  And if you want to experience the next level of whitening, Watsons also has a great selection of whitening beauty supplements that you can drink to make your skin healthy.

Heads up guys! his is really exciting! Get a chance to win an iPhone 7 when you use your SM Advantage and BDO Rewards card when you purchase PHP500-worth of whitening products. How cool is that?

So, go to the nearest Watsons store or The SM Store Beauty Section near you for an amazing Big White Blowout!

Always remember… All God’s creations are beautiful. You are beautiful…

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/