UNIQLO Launches Newest LifeWear Clothing Pieces Under FALL/WINTER 2020 Collection

LifeWear clothing 

Just recently, Uniqlo Philippines virtually launched their latest Fall/Winter collection featuring its LifeWear clothing line. This is very timely, considering the “new normal” that we are embracing right now. With this Covid-19 pandemic going on, we made certain adjustments to our usual lifestyle not just in our homes, but also at work, and maybe some other aspects as well. This also includes our daily fashion.


PHOTO SOURCE: Uniqlo.com

UNIQLO LifeWear clothing is designed to improve the everyday life of everyone. Conceived thoughtfully with people’s changing needs in mind, LifeWear clothing features the highest-quality materials, modern elegant lines, and superior comfort which all aimed to provide ease when staying at home or doing daily tasks, to help stay stress-free when working, and to give support in keeping active and healthy.

Had my eyes on few pieces of the collection and here are my top 5.


1. AIRism

UNIQLO AIRism has comfort conditioning technology, which wicks away moisture, releases heat and absorbs sweat that provides maximum comfort. This season, UNIQLO showcases its complete range of AIRism, with pieces for men, women, kids and babies that can fit your everyday lifestyle activities.

UNIQLO Launches Newest LifeWear Clothing Pieces Under FALL/WINTER 2020 Collection



If you love working out, the Sport Utility Wear lineup is something you should consider wearing.(DRY-EX, AIRISM,ULTRA STRETCH). Made to be worn as one mile wear, comfort work wear worn at home, and for staying healthy and active. Clothes with functionality and design perfect for everyday active wear.

UNIQLO Launches Newest LifeWear Clothing Pieces Under FALL/WINTER 2020 Collection


I’m a t-shirt kinda woman and it’s nice to know that Uniqlo offers an extensive line-up of t-shirts with different silhouettes, textures and colors. These collection includes shirts of varying sleeve lengths, fit for any style as comfort one mile wear, comfort work wear at home and everyday wear.

UNIQLO Launches Newest LifeWear Clothing Pieces Under FALL/WINTER 2020 Collection



Dresses by UNIQLO are perfect for casual or smart wear. Like the Mercerized Cotton Dress(see photo above), which is made with 100% cotton giving that high quality and stylish look, perfect for all day wear, from working from home or running errands.



UNIQLO offers everything from on-trend casual items to functional activewear, to cater to diverse lifestyles and choices, and to meet the new needs. For women must-have casual pieces are everyday parkas such as Pocketable and Blocktech, as well as textured suede jackets and tailored tweed jackets with a masculine touch for stylish pieces. On the other hand, men’s jackets for both casual and business occasions include parkas, classic tailored and corduroy items.

That’s my top 5 from the Uniqlo Fall/Winter Collection 2020. For other LifeWear clothing options,  check out below.


From smart ankle pants to ultra stretch jeans, to shorts pants available for men and women. Take your pick. These pieces are comfortable and stylish, perfect for any lifestyle. UNIQLO has worked closely with the Jeans Innovation Center in Los Angeles to explore sustainable fabrics and create advanced jeans that deliver even greater quality and comfort. They are available in a range of patterns to accommodate diverse tastes.


For 2020 Fall-Winter collection, colors, patterns, and designs have been updated to give more outfit coordination choices.


Down jackets are warm, functional, and stylish, and are continually evolving. UNIQLO introduces its line of Ultra Light Down jackets with witty prints and seasonal designs. New hues for women’s jackets include plum, green, and lemon-yellow. Hybrid down jackets on the other hand are a step beyond regular down outerwear and feature enhanced designs and functionality. UNIQLO has added detachable hoods to women’s coats and pinched the waists on down jackets to create a more elegant look.


UNIQLO FALL/WINTER 2020 Collaborations

UNIQLO Launches Newest LifeWear Clothing Pieces Under FALL/WINTER 2020 Collection

UNIQLO has collaborated with global fashion icon Ines de la Fressange to create essential wear based on the LifeWear concept of simple, high-quality clothing that makes life better.

The range includes 100% silk blouses and wrap dresses as wardrobe essentials for sophisticated women. It also captures 1970s Bohemian culture through its twist pleated skirts and dresses in prints from paisley to polka dot patterns. As befitting the season, the collection also features a range of knitwear. For the first time, the collection includes items made with seamless 3D Knit technology that offer outstanding comfort and vivid patterns.

UNIQLO Launches Newest LifeWear Clothing Pieces Under FALL/WINTER 2020 Collection

HANA TAJIMA FOR UNIQLO was created by New York-based fashion designer Hana Tajima, which expresses the world’s rich cultural diversity featuring universal designs with a focus on detail and comfort—highlighting elegant forms and an easy fit. Textiles with leaf and grass patterns, and neutral tones of cold and warm colors schemes emphasize subtle beauty. These are clothes that adapt flexibly to women’s bodies as they subtly change with progression to each life stage, warmly supporting the everyday lives of all women.

So, that’s all for UNIQLO’s Fall/Winter Collection- LifeWear clothing for 2020. How about you? what are your favorite pieces? To know more about this latest collection and for other UNIQLO cool pieces, check out. www.uniqlo.com

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/www.GirlandBoyThing.com