Veloci Metro 2016 Collection In Gold

Veloci Metro watch

I love wearing different wrist watches. May it be analog or digital, it doesn’t matter. It may look old school to others since smartphones can already tell time, but I would always prefer wearing a wrist watch not just for convenience but also as a fashion accessory.

About a month ago, Veloci sent over my very own Metallic Gold Veloci Metro wrist watch under their Metro 2016 Collection(Thank you Veloci! Super love the watch). I love gold watches. I find them very classy and elegant.  

The Veloci Metro 2016 Collection comes in 4 colors: Silver, Black, Pink and Gold(the one I have).

Veloci Metro 2016 Collection

Veloci Metro 2016 Collection Front

Veloci Metro 2016 Collection lock

Surprisingly, I love the feel of the watch on my wrist. The rubber material used was really soft and smooth and does not irritate my skin at all even if I perspire unlike other watches in the market. It’s very comfortable to wear, I must say. I love it! and still loving it. 🙂

So, I wanna share with you some of my OOTD pics together with my Metallic Gold Veloci Metro watch. Glad I chose this color. I can easily match it to almost any outfit. 🙂

Greenwich Bacon Crispy Thins .

Veloci Metro 2016 Collection OOTD

Veloci Metro 2016 Collection OOTD jumpshorts

Veloci Metro 2016 Collection OOTD chick dress

Get your very own Veloci Metro 2016 watches for only Php1,650 at any Veloci stores and stalls nationwide. For more information about the Metro 2016 Collection and other Veloci Time Collections, you may visit

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/