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Hello Expert moms! Summer time means vacation. Who wouldn’t want to take a break and spend quality time with your family. Right?

But, you would notice that the temperature is getting hotter and hotter and the weather condition is very erratic every year due to Global warming. We all must know that the scorching heat/weather changes can actually expose us and the kids to a lot of environmental triggers like allergies and cough including different summer-related diseases.

GSK Expert Moms Campaign

Just in time for summer, GSK, one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical company launched their newest campaign which is the GSK Expert Moms Campaign. The said campaign seeks to educate mothers on how to correctly and promptly address cough and allergies for the whole family.

Expert Moms

The GSK Expert Moms Campaign was led by celebrity-host and Expert Mom herself Rica Peralejo.

“As a mom, I want to make sure that summer would become a memorable time for the whole family. My husband and I always make sure we take care of ourselves first so we can take care of our son, Philip. Being in tip-top shape allows our whole family to have the best summer and enjoy our vacations. Of course our priority is to keep Philip healthy, so we always make sure we are prepared with the necessary medications whenever we travel just in case he gets sick.

 I think being an Expert Mom is all about ensuring that the whole family is happy, healthy, and free from disease. I’m very happy to be part of the Expert Moms campaign because I think it’s exciting to meet other moms who are keen on keeping themselves healthy in order to take care of their families,” says Rica.

Expert Moms

During the campaign launch Expert moms and other guests were taught to do Bento meal making which is also a great way to bond with your kids during summer. Sorry, I’m not that artistic. Mine came out to be a scary cat hahaha!.

Going back, know how to differentiate between COUGH and ALLERGY and how to treat each one as you read along.


Coughing is a natural reflex and is usually a sign that your child’s body is trying to rid itself of an irritant, such as mucus or a foreign object. The most common cause of cough in kids is an upper respiratory tract infection from one of more than 100 cold viruses1. Other common causes of cough include infection, asthma, allergies/sinusitis or pollution. Although cough is quite common, having a kid with cough is something you should take seriously as it may easily be passed on to other children with weakened immune systems. Cough caused by viral infections may result in fever, headache, and pains.

Transmission may happen when an individual makes direct contact with an infected individual, or even infected surfaces such as doorknobs, computer keyboards, and gadgets and then touching their nose and mouth.

There are generally two kinds of cough; dry cough and productive cough (cough with phlegm)2.


HOW TO TREAT COUGH:(Please see your doctor first before taking any medicines)

For productive cough, pediatricians can recommend protussives such as Ambrolex® (Ambroxol), to enable the cough to get rid of excess mucus in the airways3.

Unfortunately, a lot of cough medicines have a bitter aftertaste, which children dislike and often spit out, making medicine time difficult for moms. Ambrolex®, however, has a sweet blackcurrant flavor that kids will love, making cough medicine time easier for moms, and allowing their children to get better, faster.

Should moms or their husbands also suffer from cough, Ambrolex® comes in thrice-a-day tablet and once-a-day capsule formats for adults that are both easy on the budget.



Another common problem of children during summer is allergies. To have allergies is to have the body’s immune system overreact to foreign substances or even a change in the environment.

When the body detects a foreign or potentially harmful substance, it produces antibodies and histamine, which are then released into the blood stream to fight it off. At that point, an inflammatory reaction happens. Some of the common symptoms of allergy are asthma-like symptom such as rapid, shallow breathing, wheezing, and cough. Other symptoms that can be observed are sneezing, itchiness, or development of rashes4.

Allergic reactions may also be triggered by allergens or substances that can be found in food such as peanuts, milk, eggs, seafood, etc. A lot of children also develop allergies to plants, pets, house dust mites, mold spores, or medications, especially antibiotics4.

Of course, allergies are not limited to children — moms and their husbands can develop allergies too. When allergy happens, use the antihistamine that is trusted for 20 years, Virlix® (Cetirizine). It contains Cetirizine, an antihistamine that helps you manage the symptoms of your family’s allergies.

Now you know the difference between Cough and Allergies. But like what I said earlier, please see your doctor first before taking any medications. Do not self medicate.

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