A Colorful and Festive Celebration at FILA Polo Cup 2013

A Colorful and Festive Celebration at FILA Polo Cup 2013

Fila Philippines once again celebrated its annual FILA Polo Cup with a bang last February 10, 2013 at The Manila Polo Club, Forbes Park.

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This year’s cup opens with Brazilian Carnival theme which fills the place with lots of colors,glitz, glamour and energetic festive atmosphere that surely entertained the FILA fans and other guests.

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Present in the event were FILA endorsers Georgina Wilson, Borgy Manotoc, Tim Yap and Fabio Ide who also hosted the event.

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Also present in the event were President CEO of FILA Philippines Cris Albert and her husband the company Chairman and the birthday celebrator that day Butch Albert and other distinguished guests.

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The FILA Polo Cup 2013 started with Low Goal game followed by the High Goal game and awarding ceremonies.

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Time to party!!!. After the Polo game, FILA fans enjoyed a very sumptuous feast while being entertained by the country’s leading proponent of traditional and authentic Bossa Nova and Samba, Guarana.

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Escola de Samba de Manila on the other hand fills the place with their bright, festive colors and infectious, pulsating rhythms. And Astroboy also a part of the New York-based troupe The Gyronauts, fires up a display of fierceness and fabulosity showing his great talent for hula-hoops

This momentous event is a perfect welcome for FILA‘s bigger direction for 2013 with a new era for the brand that features innovation boldness, color and design. FILA fans can look forward to a new level of excitement as new brands and new lines that includes sports and lifestyle masterpieces suited for everyone.


FILA Everest– Designed and built for those who lead the extreme active lifestyle and meet the performance needs of the adventurous, FILA Everest remains comfortable,light weighted allowing more freedom of movement without sacrificing durability.

FILA Outdoors– More than a brand, FILA Outdoors is an answer to a question. It is a response to one of the deepest and most basic of human needs, the desire to bring back joys and pleasures of childhood. It is the direct result of the blood that runs through our veins, and the revolutionary return of the Pinoy. It is what FILA consumers want and need.

FILA Tiva– It represents a new lifestyle and cultured that loves the open sea, freedom and nature. It followsalternative sports like surfing, diving, and kiteboarding. It is for the girl who takes the road less traveled.

FILA Freestyle- A brand Full of strength and personality as it screams youth at its prime but reflects a respect for the classics. A new hyper brand forged by the classic timelessness of FILA Vintage and the irresistible call of FILA Outdoors.


With these new line of shoes from FILA, FILA die-hards can definitely take sports and fashion to a whole new level because with FILA believes that sport is an artform, a combination of beauty, luxury, passion, form and movement.


For more details, log on to www.fila.ph

Or you may visit FILA shops nationwide and FILA Philippines Facebook page .


Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator www.GirlandBoyThing.com