Papa John’s Valentine’s Treat: BE MY BETTER HALF

Papa John's Valentine's Treat: BE MY BETTER HALF

Love is in the air!, and in celebration of the love month, Papa John’s has a great treat for every lovers, barkadas and families who loves Pizza!

Introducing… Papa John’s HALF & HALF.

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Enjoy 2 flavors of Pizza in one, and if you buy the Half & Half pizza you will get Free 12pcs. Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses.

This  Half & Half Promo is very timely for this love season. So, if you and your date loves pizza and pasta and you are having a hard time looking for a place to celebrate and date, why not choose Papa John’s?. 🙂

This promo is until Feb. 28, 2013. Valid for dine-in and take out orders.



I have come to try this new promo of Papa John’s Sta. Lucia Branch. The place is very accessible and parking is not a problem because it is also near the parking lot of the mall proper.

papa johns Girlandboything10

It is a two storey restaurant where in the 1st floor caters most of the customers.

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Also located at the first floor is the branch’s kitchen where customers can freely see how their orders are being prepared.

papa johns Girlandboything4 papa johns Girlandboything6 papa johns Girlandboything5

Wash area is also available for customers

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The party area is located at the second floor, and has more room for customers just in case the first floor area is full.

papa johns Girlandboything13

Now we come to the exciting part… THE FOOD! 🙂 Since i love Italian food especially pizza and pasta, Papa John’s is really a perfect place for me to eat those.

Here are some of the food that we tried…

papa johns Girlandboything12


Served with onion rings and two dips. You can choose from Barbecue sauce, Garlic Ranch and Honey mustard sauce. My personal choice is the Barbecue sauce, it compliments with the taste of the chicken. For additional dip just add Php20.

papa johns Girlandboything13MEDITERRANIAN SEAFOOD PASTA- Php220

You must try this creamy pasta dish. If you love seafood, you would love this.  

papa johns Girlandboything14


This dish really deserve its name… One thing that I can comment to this dish…HOT!!! but in a good way. I love spicy foods so this is perfect for my spicy pasta cravings.

papa johns Girlandboything1


This white pasta dish is an all time favorite.

Creamy and tasty.

papa johns Girlandboything15

THE HALF & HALF PIZZA(Super Papa/Chicken Barbecue Flavor)

This is a good promo from Papa John’s, you get to taste two flavors of pizza in one. You don’t need to argue which flavor would you order. You can order two different flavor of your choice. May I say that Papa John’s Pizza is one of the best Pizza I have ever tasted. Unlike other pizza that you have to throw or leave the  edge of the crust because you can’t eat it, well not in Papa John’s-No left over pizza. you will enjoy eating every bit of it from edge to tip. Especially when you eat your pizza with this sauce… YUMMY!!!


Garlic Sauce

I’m very much satisfied with the above food  I ate at Papa John’s. I would definitely go back and recommend it! TWO THUMBS UP!!!

For Inquiries and orders you may call Papa John’s Sta Lucia Branch at 645-7272/6814147

You may also visit Papa John’s Facebook page:

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator