Eats a Date:TORCH Restaurant

Eats a Date:TORCH Restaurant

If you’re going on a date with your special someone and want to avoid the loud sound of the city, this is of the places where you can bring your date… TORCH Restaurant in Greenhills.

Torch Restaurant is located at Home Studio Bldg., 63 Connecticut St., Greenhills San Juan City, Metro Manila. Here’s their phone number just in case you get lost and needs directions to go there, or make reservations for your date. (02) 477-3771


Eats a Date:TORCH Restaurant

Eats a Date:TORCH RestaurantEats a Date:TORCH RestaurantEats a Date:TORCH RestaurantEats a Date:TORCH RestaurantEats a Date:TORCH Restaurant

Eats a Date:TORCH RestaurantEats a Date:TORCH Restaurant

I find the place clean, quiet and relaxing. They have good interiors that gave the resto a classy and cozy look and ambiance.


Eats a Date:TORCH Restaurant

Truffle Fries (P234.95)

 Crispy potato fries tossed in truffle oil and served with Torch’s very own pepper mill dressing. Bestseller. They also have other ranch version of dip where they put more red pepper and green pepper that makes the dip more tasty. I really love munching on their truffle fries, but I cant eat a lot because it was cooked deep fried and I don’t want to deposit too much oil and fat in my body hehehehe 🙂

Eats a Date:TORCH Restaurant

Philly Cheese Steak Pizza(P369.95)

Classic Philly cheese steak sandwich with a freshly baked thin crust topped with mozzarella and cream cheese. What i love about this pizza is the meat part. I love how they cook and  marinated the meat topping that made the meat tender and tasty. The sweetness and that smoked taste blends well in your palate.

Eats a Date:TORCH Restaurant

Barbecue Chicken Pizza (295.95)

Barbecue chicken slices, caramelized onion, mozzarella cheese and cheddar gaarnished with fresh cilantro. I love how they cook their pizza crust not to thin. I love thin-crust pizza. The chicken barbecue topping kinda lack in taste like barbecue, But I still enjoyed it.

Eats a Date:TORCH Restaurant

Gambas Pizza(329.95)

Shrimp sauteed in chiputle garlic olive oil served on top of crispy pizza covered with mozzarella cheese. I loooooooove Shrimps!, This gambas pizza is one of my favorite. Torch put a generous amount of Shrimp as toppin. And to add  finger chili makes it taste like  shrimp flavored sisig pizza. It is really delicious!

Eats a Date:TORCH Restaurant

Cowboy Roll(389.95)

Thinly sliced U.S. Angus beef filled with shitake mushrooms. Deep fried tempura batter and served with sesame sauce. It is like a maki only cooked deep fried. You will love it on every bite… well for me, I like to remove the garnishing above the cowboy roll because I don’t like the taste of it with my cowboy roll. The sesame sauce is a good combination with the cowboy roll. I  think using other sauces for this dish will ruin its taste.

Eats a Date:TORCH Restaurant

Peanut butter and Jelly Wings(345.95)

Coal grilled chicken wings with peanut butter jelly sauce. The meat is tender, well cooked the sauce is not that salty and not that sweet.


Eats a Date:TORCH Restaurant

Bacon Wrapped Wings(365.95)

Fire grilled chicken wings wrapped in bacon with barbecue sauce. I love how they made this dish presentable, the bacon is properly wrapped to the chicken. as you eat it you will notice that it is well marinated because the taste of the barbecue sauce is well absorbed by the chicken meat… A good dish.

Eats a Date:TORCH RestaurantEats a Date:TORCH RestaurantEats a Date:TORCH Restaurant

Fresh Garden Omellete (159.95)

Sauteed green and red bell peppers, onions, button mushroom and tomatoes, topped with melted cheddar cheese. For those  who love omellete, Torch also have it. What makes it more exciting is, you will be the one too cook the omellete. First they will serve you the raw ingredients(as shown in pics above) an then you just tell the waiter if your ready to cook it and they will heat that small steak pan for you to cook the omellete. If ever the pan is not hot enough to cook the omellete you can ask the waiter or the chef to cook it more.

Eats a Date:TORCH RestaurantEats a Date:TORCH Restaurant

Smoked Chipotle Tequila Barbecue Beef Ribs(649.95)

660g certified Angus beef ribs roasted until tender with smoked chipotle tequila barbecue sauce served with fries, coleslaw and toasted buns. As our last dish, everybody was so surprised how big this dish was. It was presented beautifully that you just want to look at it and not eat it hahahaha! but then this is a food review  we have no choice to touch and taste it heheheh… Well, the sauce kinda didn’t sink in to the bottom. You will find most of the barbecue taste in the surface  or few millimeter from the surface. But still we enjoyed it.

Eats a Date:TORCH Restaurant


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Written by Cristelle Torres
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