Wedding Proposal Tips

Wedding Proposal Tips

A pastor once said and told the women in the congregation of a church… “You should be pursued by the guy you love, not the other way around, You should be treated like a princess because you are the daughter of a King(God)”.  People who are in a relationship are always hoping that in the end, they will end up together getting married. Before that, a wedding proposal must be made…

Every woman in love or most women if not all wanted to have a memorable wedding proposal. It must be a wonderful feeling that your boyfriend would exert effort of asking you to be his wife.

Wedding Proposal Tips

Tip for the guys:

1.Even though you know that your girl will answer “YES”, still make efforts for your wedding proposal. Do make it as a surprise. Your girl would love that. If she didn’t answer yes immediately don’t pressure her. Give her time.

2. It is so unromantic that you keep on asking “When do you want to get married?” when in the first place you never ask her formally to get married. It is like pressuring your girl to something indefinite.

3. It not necessary to buy a very expensive engagement ring(unless you can afford it, it would not be a problem) A diamond ring is really expensive we must admit it, but there are substitute for that like birthstones or other gems.

4. Personally, I think it is a must that you tell your girl’s family that you will ask her to get married. It would be nice .

5. Make sure that before you “pop the question”, you and your girl talk about the possibilities of getting married and issues like children, money, family etc. Are you both ready, emotionally, physically, mentally and financially before tying the knot?.  Make sure that you yourself want to get married. know yourself first.

6. Be prepared guys. If you will ask your girl to marry you it would definitely make you nervous, so practice practice practice… You don”t want to be tongue tied or caught yourself stuttering in front of your girl. Of course you want that moment to be perfect for her and for you..

7. Pick a perfect spot for your proposal. It can be anywhere, it can be the restaurant where you held your first date, or the place where you first met think of any place you’ve been to.

8. Timing is very crucial, There’s a perfect timing for everything and that includes your wedding proposal.

9. kneel with one knee when you propose, You may say it’s vintage it is old style but let me tell you…. She will love it. It is romantic.

10. Be creative but do not make it too complicated when you propose to her. The important thing is the proposal itself. You can  ask your friends for ideas and let them help you put up the surprise.


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Written by Cristelle Torres
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