Romantic Wedding Proposal Videos 1

Romantic Wedding Proposal Videos 1

It is a once in a lifetime experience being proposed to in marriage. You would feel that Eureka moment when it happens. I personally would like to experience it finding true love and spending the rest of my life with that person.  I happened to browse Youtube about wedding proposals and it made me so emotional… asking myself if someday that would happen to me. You may say that I’m so cheezy(or hopeless romantic) but of course who wouldn’t want to experience being proposed to.  Here are some videos that I like…

Awwwww… aren’t these videos romantic?…Isn’t it nice to know guys who can do that far for the love of his life?. I know someday I would be in that position  just like these girls in the video… I know someday someone, that special someone would know and be brave enough to do this for me…Whoever that man would be, I hope He would make that moment special for us. A moment that both us will never forget.

I will be posting more of romantic wedding proposals soon…


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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator