A Healthy Way To A Better You at OptionsStudio

A Healthy Way To A Better You at OptionsStudio

OptionsStudio, a Singapore-based health and wellness studio which is the first and only international chain of Pilates and movement Studio in the world and is quickly growing throughout Asia. Now with Branches in Singapore, Bangkok, Koh Samui, Hong Kong and Manila

Options Studio - Ole Eugenio

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Founded and owned by a Filipino fitness instructor/trainer, Ole Eugenio, who is first Filipino to be fully certified by the STOTT PILATES method in 2001.

OptionsStudio offers a wide range of different fitness methods like Pilates for Sports, Leisure and Lifestyle, Postural Correction, Rehabilitation and CORE Systems of SMART Movement (COREREFORM, COREBARRE, CORESUSPEND).

Of course you need to understand first the basic concept of these fitness methods and let me summarize it for you 🙂

Pilates : It is a mind-body exercise system designed to strengthen, stretches and lengthens the muscles to improve posture, flexibility, and often performed on a specialized equipment.

COREREFORM– this exercise system incorporates functional movement and dynamic flow of exercises resulting to toned muscles and and better posture. It is one of the safest and most effective exercise methods available.

CORESUSPEND– this exercise system integrates functional physiotherapy into your workout to maximize the use of important muscles without even realizing that you are using them.

CORESUSPEND- this exercise system will tone you up, strengthen you, and tighten up your waistline leaving you a taller, looser and invigorated feeling.

These CORE System Methods can make you achieve:

– Better Posture and body alignment.
– Better Core stability and strength.
– Longer and leaner muscles.
– Tight waistline with better abs.
– Heightened range of motion.
– Improved muscular balance and strength.
– Less bulk and more freedom of movement.
– Less strain and back pain.
– Increased Flexibility.
– Improved circulation throughout the body.
– Improved balance and coordination.
– Enhanced athletic performance.
– Help prevent injury from bad posture.


I have availed the FREE trial at OptionsStudio in RCBC Plaza and since I am into changing my lifestyle to a healthy one, I really gave it a try.



When I entered the facade and reception area, I thought it was just a small studio, but when I already went at the back area where the main studio is, well it is really spacious and full of equipments that were very new to me.

Piece of advice… Wear your comfortable workout clothes, you will not be needing your rubber shoes or any workout shoes inside the main studio because you will remove it at the reception area and will just wear socks as your footwear.

So my workout started…



Believe me it is just stretching but I’m starting to perspire already. I can feel my muscles being stretched and working.


And when I use their equipments, oh boy! Whew! It was hard but I love it… When I do exercise, I love pushing myself to the limits! It was really a wonderful and exciting healthy experience for me.

Thankyou so much Ms. Joella Bustamante for assisting me throughout my trial workout at OptionsStudio.

Options Studio Guidelines:

– Book in advance to reserve your time slot.
– 24 hours advance cancellation notice.
– Classes are 55-minutes long.
– Please arrive early (at least 10 mins) to sign-in and prepare yourself for the session.
– Please wear workout clothes and socks.

Here is the Price List of Options Studio for your guidance.


You may Visit and call any of Options Studio Branches near you for inquiries and appointments and AVAIL YOUR FREE TRIAL!

RCBC Plaza
15th Floor Tower 2 at Ayala Avenue, Makati City
553-3314 / 585-1404

4th Level The Podium
12 ADB Ave. Ortigas Center,
Brgy. Wack-Wack, Mandaluyong City

The Powerplant Mall
Level R2 Rockwell Center, Makati City

OneLife Wellness Studio
2nd Level, Citigold Bldg. Jose Abad Santos St., San Juan City

For More information you may visit www.options-studio.com/ph

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PilatesManila

Twitter: @PhOptionsStudio

Instagram: PhOptionsStudio

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator www.GirlandBoyThing.com