Show Your Ballroom Dancing Moves at Manila Hotel’s “Dancing at the Maynila”

Show Your Ballroom Dancing Moves at Manila Hotel's "Dancing at the Maynila"

Wear your gorgeous dress, pump up your dancing shoes, grove to the live Ballroom music and dance your way through the night in Manila Hotel’s “Dancing at the Maynila”


“Dancing at the Maynila” started last October 11, 2013 and will sweep the dance floor on November 15 and bid its last dance on December 12, 2013 at Maynila Ballroom of the Manila Hotel.


Photo by: Manila Hotel

Photo by: Manila Hotel

For just Php 1,200 (subject to government tax and charges) this includes one(1) Welcome Drink, a Signature Party Platter and your dancing partner can come in for FREE!. This event is open to VIPs, hotel patrons and dancing enthusiast.

Photo by: Manila Hotel

“Ballroom dancing is actually both an art form and a dance sport – beautiful to behold in the strength and grace it exhibits. Beyond dance and sport, ballroom dancing is also about courtesy, class and culture. This is what “Dancing at the Maynila” brings to you at the grandest venue there is.” – said Manila Hotel president Atty. Joey Lina.



Photo By: Manila Hotel

Manila Hotel’s Maynila Ballroom was dress up with the ambiance of elegance, glamour and sophistication from multi-colored Tiffany bay windows, massive capiz shell chandelier, indoor water fountains, hand- painted ceiling, and carpeted walkways that will surely add more to your great dancing experience.


My “Dancing in the Maynila” #ManilaHotelRedBloggers Experience:

When I entered the Maynila Ballroom, I was really excited, well of course this doesn’t happen to me everyday. I love how the ballroom was set-up. The changing color of the ceiling drapings, it was really elegant.

Above is the menu that you can order, and the meal that I had during my “Dancing in the Maynila” experience. The food was great specially the fresh fruit juice.

There are Dance instructors present in the venue just in case you don’t have any dance partner. There are small envelops on the table, I think it is where you will put your tip for the dance instructor.

Dance…Dance… Dance. People on the dance floor giving it!

Dancing at the Maynila
Photo by: Rodel Flordeliz

Meet my real life/Dancing Partner, Rey Belen of

Dancing at the Maynila #ManilaHotelRedBloggersPhoto by: Jeman Villanueva
Photo by: Jeman Villanueva

The #ManilaHotelRedBloggers

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