Airborne Technologies Launches AT Boom Box Vibration Speaker And AT-800 Tough Rock Powerbank

Airborne Technologies Launches AT Boom Box Vibration Speaker And AT-800 Tough Rock Powerbank

Airborne Technologies is known for manufacturing quality, stylish, and fashionable powerbanks dedicated to make life convenient when it comes to charging gadgets. As Airborne Technologies continue to innovate and revolutionize, they have come up to another milestone as  they  launch their newest products in addition to the Airborne Technologies’ product line.

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Wanna know them all? Then here they are…


AT Boom Box Vibration Speaker


Charging Time       3-4 hours
Usage Time            6-8 hours
Height                    268 grams
Weight                   12cm x 4cm
SRP                      Php1,800
Perfectly made for music lovers and suitable for your outdoor activities, AT Boom Box will bring portable speakers to a new level.

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This wooden portable gadget will amaze you.  AT Boom Box has NO PLUG JUST PLAY feature. All you have to do is just put your mobile phone on top of it and the AT Boom Box will amplify your music like a loud speaker. No need for Bluetooth, Wi-fi or even plugging it to an outlet. It will surely save your mobile phone’s power because you don’t need to put it on a loud speaker mode or  increase the volume to maximum level which will drain your battery.  Another good thing about AT Boom Box is that it is compatible with all AT Powerbanks. 

Speaking of powerbanks, Airborne Technologies also launched newer models on their powerbank family. The AT-800 Tough Rock, AT-5002 Sleek,  and AT-2001 Minibank.

AT-800 Tough Rock



Tough as it is, this powerbank is waterproof, sandproof, and shockproof which is pefect for for outdoor activities such as hiking, scuba diving, wakeboarding, mountain climbing and other fun activities. It also has SOS capability and torchlight. It has 10,000mAh power capacity with SRP of Php 3,999.

AT-5002 Sleek

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AT-5002 Sleek has 5,300 mAh power capacity with a very sleek and handy design that can fit your pocket or purse anytime. Available in one color(Silver) with SRP of Php1,800

AT-2001 Minibank

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Available in 5 colors(Blue, White, Green, Pink, Yellow)AT-2001 Minibank has 2,600 mAh power capacity which is perfect for students to keep their mobile phone’s power up throughout the day. AT-2001 Minibank has SRP of Php599 which is relatively affordable.

Airborne Technologies also released new colors for their AT-5001 Slim Powerbank.

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Initially on its first release, the AT-5001 Slim has two colors(Green and Blue). Now exciting new colors are just added to its roster(Pink, Yellow and White).

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With all these latest products and innovations from Airborne Technologies, it would really make life more easier for all gadget users. Truly, with Airborne Technologies… the Power is in your hands!

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator