Be Bold And Fearless With Whisper Cottony Long

Be Bold And Fearless With Whisper Cottony Long

Having menstrual period is one of the delicate issues a woman like me is facing every month. And during our heavy days, we are always cautious and conscious that anytime we might have a back leak specially in times when we are out  and active. Since we can’t control the flow, we ended up having back leaks and this put us women to our lowest confidence level ever. Back leaks also limit the activities that we can do and inhibit us to enjoy your tasks.

6 out of 10 young women in the country(Philippines) are experiencing back leaks. this is the highest incidence in Asia. With this numbers, Whisper, one of the leading sanitary pads brand understand the dilemma by develeping something that women can use to prevent or at least lessen the incidence of back leaks and enable us women to be bold, confident and fearless in everything that we do. Introducing… Whisper Cottony Long.

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Whisper Cottony Long provides both comfort, with its cottony cover, and superior protection because it’s 2 inches longer and has wider back than regular padsfor up to 100% NO BACK LEAKS, OR YOUR MONEY BACK. 

Just recently, Whisper held a fair  that features confidence, freedom and fearlessness entitled, Whisper Fearless Fair. 

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2014 South East Asian Cheerleading Open All-girls Division Champion, DLSU Animo Squad demonstrated exhilarating freedom that comes with unencumbered movement.

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Pole Cats Manila also made their fearless and mesmerizing number as they, flex, stretch and climb the pole with full confidence and grace.

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Another epitome of confidence and someone who embodies fearlessness is racecar driver Michelle Bumgarner. Michelle shared how she reached the top of a field dominated by men through confidence, detemination and how she challenges the norm.


Jan Jizelle, Whisper’s Brand Manager said, “Whisper believes any young women can achieve whatever she sets her mind to do. Our pads take away a specific worry that could significantly hold her back from pursuing your goals – back leaks. Whisper Cottony Long frees her to confidently pursue her passion.”

Whisper Cottony Long is every young fearless women’s best friend in her journey to be her fun and fearless self. It gives up to 100% no back leaks encouraging all the young women to stand up with confidence and tale control of their lives.

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator