Bonakid Choco Boost and Cartoon Network to Boost Up Children’s Physical and Mental Health

Bonakid Choco Boost and Cartoon Network to Boost Up Children's Physical and Mental Health

For parents, it is very important to choose the food that would bring proper nourishment to their child. It is also important for parents to know if their child is watching TV program suitable for their age  and will learn from it. That is why Wyeth, the maker of the chocolate milk brand Bonakid Choco Boost has teamed up with Cartoon Network with its  cartoon program Adventure Time to life with an amazing tour sure to excite school children around the metro until the middle of August.  The partnership seeks to encourage physical and mental engagement among kids in a fun and wholesome way.

Bonakid Choco Boost and Cartoon Network to Boost Up Children's Physical and Mental Health

The adventure revolves around mystery challenges that test the children’s creativity, imagination, decision making, and agility. Dressed up as Adventure Time’s character Finn, the kids are tasked to save the main character, Jake, who is trapped in a mysterious place called “Ooo”.  The land of Ooo is the main setting of Adventure Time where Finn, along with his friends and foes, live. The kids are given six missions to complete, each one filled with exciting missions and challenges guaranteed to stimulate kids’ mental and physical toughness.


Participating kids have been pre-selected to join this highly interactive game, with Bonakid Choco Boost drink as an important component to help them with the bonus mission en route to the finish. This involves shooting balls into holes that represent the correct answers to three given questions about nutrients found in Bonakid Choco Boost: calcium, iron, and zinc. This task alone demonstrates the participants’ mental alertness and good physical coordination, with emphasis on the three nutrients that help support the nutritional growth and development needs of children 7 years and older.
The fun and laughter go beyond the games, with some of the participants animatedly articulating their delight during one leg of the tour. The adventure games raised the kids’ spirits so much that one participant described Bonakid Choco Boost as “life-changing”. There were even some who, obviously stimulated by their enthusiasm after a drink, asked where they can buy the milk and how much it costs.



Packed with energy and nutrients, Bonakid Choco Boost promises to inject life and excitement to play and adventure. This partnership with Cartoon Network is a testimony to that claim, bringing children’s favorite cartoons to life for an energizing and fun activity.

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator