Caribbean Footwear…Flip Flops on the Go!!!

Caribbean Footwear...Flip Flops on the Go!!!

After a long tiring day from work, school, running errands here and there, definitely your feet will get tired. And when you get home you will surely look for your pair of slippers to ease that tiredness. Of course it will surely help a lot if you have and would  wear a very comfortable slippers or flip flops, right?.


There is one FILIPINO brand of  flip flops that will surely meet your feet’s needs. Featuring one of the best flip flops manufacturers  in the Philippines, Caribbean Footwear.

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 Caribbean Footwear offers flip flops which brings COMFORT, ART for FASHION, SCIENTIFICALLY molded for soles of human feet  and will give the best worth of your money because it is also DURABLE.

Just recently, Caribbean Footwear launched their new designs  for their new collection which is perfect for women this summer season, for everyday use and for people who are always on the go… The Caribbean Urban Safari Summer Collection.

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Choose from the variety of Caribbean Urban Safari Summer Collection  aztec- inspired designs with bold prints, vibrant colors and also chic neutrals.

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Don’t worry guys, Caribbean Footwear also has something for you, because they also have  new designs with their new Urban Safari Men’s Summer Collection.

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Let’s learn more about Caribbean Flip Fops and see its amazing features…



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 Caribbean flip flops has cutting edge design to support balance and comfort.  Since our toe acts a big role in our balance  whether we are standing, walking or running, Carribean Footwear see to it that theyprovide well supported footwear structure without compromising creativity and fashion. 


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 Caribbean footwear see to it that they create  nice straps for flip flops/slippers fusing elegance, creativity and durability.


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Caribbean flip flops enhances posture and foot alignment.

FACT: Caribbean footwear is also intended for people who are flat-footed.


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Caribbean Flip Flops provides ultimate protection. Scientifically designed to mold one’s sole to perfectly fit amidst mobility.


I personally have tried one of Caribbean Footwear’s Summer Collection flip flops and I must say that It really says the truth with COMFORT and STYLE,  will test the DURABILITY as I continue to use it.

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Just like the other popular  imported brands, the feel and materials are just the same. TRY IT and SEE IT FOR YOURSELF… 🙂 I am loving the design, the unique strap.

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See the rough surface? that is the anti-slip technology of all Caribbean footwear.
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 The non-slip technology really is amazing. Your foot does not slide  on the flip flop.

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And lastly, It is VERY AFFORDABLE with a price range of Php180-300 pesos, you will be able to enjoy the flip flop with the same quality as other expensive and known brands. I must tell you it is really worth it. 🙂

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Caribbean Footwear for this amazing Flip flops. I love it!

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Let us support this brand, it is not only a FILIPINO Brand but they also give employment to our fellow Filipinos and support Filipino Talent through Flip Flops.

Caribbean Footwear is available in all leading Malls and Supermarkets.

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator