Be Creative and Have Fun With Post-it® And Scotch® Brands’ Newest Products

Be Creative and Have Fun With Post-it® And Scotch®  Brands' Newest Products

I am always fond of cute things. I admit, I am a pack rat where I always keep the things that I find beautiful and memorable. When I was in my elementary days, I love collecting different kinds of stationaries and believe me I still got some of those with me until now. I also still have the Kero-Keropi and Minnie Mouse bracelet that my mom gave me when I was still young. I have kept them all. 🙂

Not just that. I also love having beautiful things, not necessarily expensive things, just simple things that would somewhat makes me feel more enthusiastic when doing something. Things that would add fun and excitement to what I do.

Speaking of fun and excitement, just recently, 3M, the company who created the world’s first sticky note and cellulose tape, Post-it® and Scotch® Brands just unveiled  exciting products(Post-it® Full Adhesive Notes, Label Rolls, Designer Collections and Pop-up Note Dispensers to the Scotch® Magic Tape Dispensers and Scotch™ Designer Scissors) that will surely add fun and zest when you do your school work, office work or even organizing your home.

ARE YOU EXCITED? Here they are…

post it full adhesive gbt2


post it full adhesive gbt1 Post-it® Full Adhesive Notes that have its signature Super Sticky adhesive on practically the entire back surface, making them ideal for gift tags, labels and filing. The 3×3” notes stick well even on vertical surfaces and do not leave any residue on once you decide to remove them. The Post-it® Full Adhesive Notes come in bright pink, blue, green and yellow to make sure they definitely stand out.

post it label rolls gbt2post it label rolls gbt1

 Post-it® Label Rolls – they’re Post-it® Full Adhesive Notes in the form of tape. Each Label Roll comes off a dispenser and allow for quick, easy, hassle-free and customized labeling. Stick them on containers, folders, notebooks, planners, name tags, whatever needs labeling. Naming things and showing ownership has never been this easy, or this pretty. They’re available in bright pink, green and yellow.


3m Post it scotch gbt7
 Post-it® Designer Notes and Calendar Collection. Inspired by the colors of the world, the collection comes in bright and vibrant designs – in dainty lavender, perky blue or sunny yellow that reflect the beautiful places of Rio de Janeiro, Mykonos and Bangkok, respectively.

The 4×8” lined notes come with a magnet at the back, making it convenient to stick notes on your refrigerator or metal cabinet. They’re a specialty note option that lets one jot down thoughts, messages or lists in ways that reflect one’s mood or personality. The matching Post-it® Designer Calendar Notes in complimentary violet, aqua and pink-peach allow you to personalize your week and never miss appointments, assignments or special dates and tasks. The stick-on calendars can be placed on a variety of vertical surfaces as stylish reminders of personal or professional commitments.

3m Post it scotch gbt6

Yuppies and the college crowd will love the Post-it® University Laptop Note Dispensers. Made to stick to laptops, netbooks and tablets for friendly memory jogs, these come in blue, green, maroon and yellow designs to match one’s school spirit or color preference.

3m Post it scotch gbt2
Scotch® Tape has expanded its line-up of novelty dispensers with the launch of three fun new designs that combine style and function which are sure to make gift wrapping and gift giving more interesting. There’s the chic Scotch® Magic™ Tape Cosmo Dispenser shaped like a martini glass complete with a wedge of lime that will add flair to any desk and make a good conversation piece.

Kitty retail

There’s the Scotch® Magic™ Tape Kitty Dispenser that’s shaped like a cat and just as playful because it actually rocks and spins! Available in black or white, they’re perfect for cat lovers who also want an interactive toy on their table.

scotch soccer dispenser gbt1


The Scotch® Magic™ Tape Soccer Dispenser is for the football fans out there. Take the excitement of the pitch to your desk with this sporty and useful tape dispenser. Each dispenser includes a 350-inch roll and can hold up to 1,500 inches of tape. They also come in clear boxes that make them gift-ready for any occasion.

3m Post it scotch gbt5
Then there are the Scotch™ Designer Multi-Purpose 8” Scissors that come in fun Zebra and Gingham prints. Made of high quality stainless steel blades for smooth cutting action and soft touch handles for comfort, the Zebra prints come in black/pink and black/grey handles, while the Gingham variant is available in blue and pink.


Youngsters will stand out in school with the Scotch™ Designer Student 7” Scissors in Confetti that have colorful prints giving you the feel of circus or carnival fun to jazz up school work and the rest of your school projects.
Post-it® Plus App

Post-it® Brand also introduced its very first productivity app. Now you can bring your Post-it® Notes with you anywhere with the Post-it® Plus App. Organize and share notes with your friends in three easy steps: capture, organize, share. Snap a picture of your Post-it® Notes and create boards for fast and convenient organization. Then share them with your friends via text, email, Facebook or Twitter. You can also export your customized board as a PDF, PowerPoint, Excel or Zipped Folder.

Post-it® Plus App is available for Apple devices with iOS 8 and above in the App Store. Post-it® Plus App for Androids will be available soon.

All these newest products of Scotch and Post-it Brands are available in all National Bookstore outlets Nationwide.

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator