DATEM HOMES Launches DATEM Horizons East Ortigas

DATEM HOMES Launches DATEM Horizons East Ortigas

Looking for a place to live that can call your home? Then you might want to consider having one from DATEM Homes in their newly launched mid-rise property, the DATEM Horizons East Ortigas.

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DATEM Horizons East Ortigas is a 2.3 hectare mid-rise residential development located at Ortigas Avenue Extension, Cainta Rizal which will be developed by DATEM Inc., one of the respected leader in the construction industry. There will rise six modern residential buildings with five floors each and housing an average of only 100 units.

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DATEM Horizons East Ortigas would provide everything that you would need when it comes to condo living.   DATEM Horizons East Ortigas will develop great amenities every experienced homeowner requires: well-spaced units each with a balcony, ample ground level parking, a service area on every roofdeck, clubhouse with complete facilities such as a pool, a fitness area, bicycle and jogging path, a garden atrium on the first floor; 24-hour security with CCTV, wi-fi connectivity, and back up power for common areas and basic power needs.

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Built with reliable materials, Wallcrete, specialized frameworks and Pre-cast Technology are but three of seven technologies unique to  the DATEM Horizons development. Stampcrete [decorative concrete pavement], which is used as an alternative to bricks and stones for driveways and balconies, gives a high quality aesthetic finish. This is to make sure that your home is strong, durable and well constructed which is surely built to last.

Water is managed by a Bulk Water Filtration System and Waste Water Treatment System by Mann+Hummel.  Bulk Water Treatment introduces environment-friendly technology to filter and remove impurities from water, making tap water safe for drinking. Meanwhile, their Waste Water Treatment technology removes biological and chemical waste products from water for safe reuse for cleaning and other purposes.

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“For 30 years, we at DATEM Inc. have been trusted partners to the country’s leading real estate developers, helping change the Philippine skyline one iconic structure at a time as we brought each of their visions to life. Today, we begin a new chapter in our journey as we unveil our plans for the very first residential development under our own DATEM brand,” said DATEM Inc. president Levy V. Espiritu

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“We offer prospective home-buyers a smarter option that goes beyond location, price and size. We give 30-year evidence of experience, expertise, and quality. Every home at DATEM Horizons East Ortigas is constructed with quality material and technology found in the high-rise buildings we have completed and are currently working on. Our Wallcrete [interior partition system] and Specialized Frameworks [utilized in partnership with MEVADECK] make the walls and floors of the condo stronger and more durable, and keeps out the noise. One can also find Pre-Cast Systems in the walls, floors and beams. Pre-Cast technology allows the production of structural and architectural elements such as the slab, beam, and external wall created off-site, with the assembly happening on-site. This means faster production and on-time delivery,” Architect Arnold de Asis, DATEM Inc. Vice President for Operations and DATEM Homes President

DATEM Horizons East Ortigas promise to give you safety and comfort  that you want in a home not to mention giving you your money’s worth for a life that’s priceless. So, it would be a good choice for your family and start a better life.

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You may also visit the DATEM Horizons East Ortigas sales office at Brgy. Sto Nino, Ortigas Ave. Extension, Cainta Rizal.  

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator