Does AGE Really Matter?

I asked some people around about their opinion regarding couples with big age gaps(May-December love affair):

Does AGE Really Matter?Cristelle Torres: “Personally, a ten year gap is enough for me but not beyond that. I don’t want to judge couples with big age gap. As long as they respect each other and keep themselves happy with no complicated and selfish reasons like:
-a man/woman is already married
-a man/woman is just up to the money of the other person.

“Love is one of the best thing that can happen to any person irregardless of the age gap.””

Does AGE Really Matter?


Hamille Kaye P. Reambillo: “I for myself don’t go for “long age gap” relationships. Maybe because I would want to have a partner who has the same age as I do. I am afraid that an older partner might not jive with my likes. It’s not that I’m against it but I would rather find someone who is easy to get along than to have someone I will waste my effort with.”



Does AGE Really Matter?


Jo Bren Dela Cruz: “I’m nothing against “big age gap relationships” as long as you are happy with the person, being comfortable with each other. Having lots of something in common; lots of things to talk about or simply being in the same wave length are factors to consider first in having relationship. Basically, age gap are just numbers, numbers that are quite irrelevant for two persons who want to share their lives with.”



Does AGE Really Matter?


Cris Corono: “For me agree ako sa big age gap relationship as long as mahal niyo ang isa’t-isa at nagkakaintindihan kayo. Kailangan din  I-accept ng bawat isa ang strength and weaknesses nila para mag-last ang relationship”



Does AGE Really Matter?



Pepi De Leon:” It is more common nowadays. May – December relationships close the gap because women mature faster than men.”




Does AGE Really Matter?



Jinkee Umali: If this will be in first stage which is courtship, that is getting to know each other, fun to be together, then it is just ok…Once it gets deeper, one has to accept the likes with each other – gig, set of friends, hobbies..Imagine if the girl likes Bruno Mars, can you expect share the same thing? To work it right, each person must be willing to share a life with you no matter what. Anyway, that’s my two cents worth…”





Does AGE Really Matter?

Ronald Tuason: I think age GAP is really not the problem between 2 person inlove,,the main PROBLEM is wen UR partner FAMILY n URS have GAP…..LAKING GULO NUN WALANG MA22LOY NA PLANO SA WEDDING







Speaking of big age gap relationship, here’s one controversial celebrity Item nowadays…

Does AGE Really Matter?

The Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna match up. The two had their lips sealed about the issue. Here’s an article from Ricky Lo regarding the issue….

This corner’s “breaking news” last Thursday about Vic Sotto and his Eat, Bulaga! co-host Pauleen Luna now being “officially an item” left some people incredulous, maybe because of the age difference between the couple. Vic is 57, Pauleen is 23. So what? Age doesn’t matter in love, does it? Besides, romance specialists say that May-December is the most ideal set-up, with the partners learning from each other (in more ways than one) by symbiosis.

Pauleen (only 17 when she joined Eat Bulaga!), who is the textmate of Paulina, Vic’s golfer-daughter with Angela Luz, will surely learn a lot from Vic about the intricacies of livin’ and lovin’. If Vic is not a techie, I guess he can get tips from Pauleen on how to become one. Together, they can learn all, as the song goes, about the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees and the moon up above and the thing called love.

Vic’s past loves included also Bulaga! co-hosts like, aside from Angela Luz, Coney Reyes (who bore him a son), Chiqui Hollman, Christine Jacob, Kristine Floirendo(?) and, of course, Pia Guanio who is now happily married to businessman Steve Mago.

It’s public knowledge that, like most comedians, Vic is a great lover so it’s not surprising why he won the heart of Pauleen whose ex-boyfriends were her age, including Mark Herras, Marvin Agustin, JC de Vera and Valenzuela City Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian.

So how did Vic win Pauleen’s heart?

“He showered Pauleen with gifts,” said somebody privy to the couple’s affair. “At first, Pauleen would return the gifts. But Vic must have been so badly smitten that he never gave up. As they say, walang matimtimang birhen sa matiyagang manalangin. He courted not just Pauleen but also her parents. He even talked to Pauleen’s father and assured him of his ‘pure intentions’. In the end, love triumphs.”

How does Pia feel about it? Happy for Vic, no doubt. If you watched Bulaga! yesterday, you must have noticed how sweet Pia and Pauleen were, standing beside each other in almost identical dresses, looking as if they were about to sing, “The more we get together, together, together. The more we get together the happier are we…”

Incidentally, Pia was piqued when a TV5 female reporter ambush-interviewed her the other as soon as she came out of Broadway Centrum after the Bulaga! telecast. Even as Pia politely begged off since she was rushing to an interview with Rhian Ramos, the reporter insisted, “Just say ‘No comment!’” even if Pia refused to say anything. Imagine how shocked Pia was when the TV5’s early-morning show Sapul! inserted the intrusive reporter’s non-interview with Pia in a report about the Vic-Pauleen romance!

“What kind of journalism is that?” said Pia’s manager June Torrejon, crying “Foul!”

Maybe TV5 News chief Luchi Cruz-Valdez should lecture that female reporter on the ethics of journalism.

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator