Experience Massage at its Finest at ROYAL OASIS

Experience Massage at its Finest at ROYAL OASIS

Step away from your stressful life and give yourself the best gift …RELAXATION.


Rejuvenate and pamper yourself  with the finest, unique and authentic massages that will surely de-stress,  refresh, and will give you a sense of peace of mind and body that is surely worth the value of your money at ROYAL OASIS.

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ROYAL OASIS is a haven of relaxation and a refuge from all the stress of daily life. Enjoy the relaxing ambiance, calming music and soothing aroma that compliment with their unique services like Aromatherapy Massage, Foot Massage, Hand Massage, Thai Massage, Sweedish Massage and their Signature massage which is the Royal Oasis Signature Massage which is a combination of varous massage services for 2.5hours. All of these services were done by very accommodating, courteous  and well-trained staff. To include their very delicious and refreshing Ginger tea.


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ROYAL OASIS is open from 2pm to am. 


I have come to experience  Royal Oasis’ services. And I would really recommend it because it was really good!!! I feel refreshed, I feel rejuvenated, I feel relaxed.

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From the moment I walked in being greeted by their friendly staff, smelling the soothing aroma of the place,  hearing the calming music and feeling the very relaxing ambiance made me love the place.

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When you enter the massage area It’s quite dim, and very  quiet. I like the serenity of the area. As you can see there are two sides from the entrance, the left side is for foot and hand massages, the right side cubicles are intended for body massages. Each massage cubicle is divided with thick curtains. If you are a couple or friends who wishes to open the mid curtains so you can see each other  and have a chit chat while being massaged, Royal Oasis allows it. But of course you have to tone down your voice as consideration to other customers inside.

Here’s what it looks like inside the massage area…(There’s also towel, shorts, and drape for coverings)

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And here’s what it looks like in the foot and hand massage area…

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Before the Body massage your feet will be pampered first in this area for a foot soak.

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They have various massage services(please refer above photos) and I chose the Thai Massage. It was really good, the therapist was very accommodating and kind. You will be asked if you like it hard, moderate or just light. You can also request to what area your massage will be concentrated more or less,  may it be back, hand, foot legs. They can adjust the massage depending on the client’s request.

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After a very good massage they will give you their specialty drink…

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Ginger Tea, and it really taste nice. it gives a soothing feeling down your throat.

Another good thing about Royal Oasis is they are also investing on Customer service training for their staff to maintain and improve their service to their clients.


royal oasis 8Note: Reservation is necessary to prevent from waiting because they get fully booked.

For questions and inquiries:

You may call or text Tel 442-3701; 0917-9426176

Visit ROYAL OASIS Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/RoyalOasisMassage


Address: Unit 1-D GV Square, North Fairview, Commonwealth  Ave. Extension, Quezon City, PH.(Near KOWLOON, in front of ELYONG’s)

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator www.GirlandBoyThing.com