Gratchi’s Getaway: Where Great Bonding Begins

Gratchi's Getaway: Where Great Bonding Begins

If you are looking for a place to relax, to unwind and bond with your family, friends and co-workers then you should drive going South and head on to GRATCHI FARM RESORT (Gratchi’s Getaway).

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Gratchi’s Getaway is a 6-hectare stretch of natural landscape conveniently located in Tagaytay which is only five minutes away  from Tagaytay-Calamba Road (2.4 km.)

Recently, me and my blogger friends were invited to Gratchi’s Getaway for an  overnight stay and experience what the resort has to offer.

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(PHOTO CREDITS to Jeman Villanueva)

After registration, we were escorted to our pavillion where there’s plenty of room sleep on. There are about 7-8 rooms in there equipped with electric fan and double deck beds. Towels are also provided per room so you don’t need to bring one. (to lessen your baggage) There is no aircon, but believe me you don’t need it because the weather is cold in there. I also like the materials used in our pavillion. As you will see in the photo Gratchi’s Getaway used indigenous materials which added to nature-like ambiance of the place.

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We were toured around the whole vicinity of Gratchi’s Getaway. The place is amazing!  They have great landscapes, animals to pet and feed, a farm where they harvest fruits and vegetables(they use and raise vermicompost too.)

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Since I love animals, this little piggy got my attention. She is so cute! Everytime you rub her belly, she lies down on the ground and sleep. Gratchis getaway gbt12 Delicious and healthyfood are also being served at Gratchi’s Getaway. You can arrange a meal plan with them during your stay. Gratchis getaway gbt9 We were able to experience Gratchi Getaway’s outdoor activities such as ATV Ride, Fishing, Bonfire with hotdog and marshmallow grilling and River Trecking. 🙂

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Photo Credits to Jeman Villanueva

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 Photo Credits: Rod Magaru

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Pardon our faces, we used a different kind of sunblock here hehehe.

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The next day, before heading home, we were scheduled to do Gratchi’s “Amazing Race” Challenge. Our group were divided into two.. ORANGE TEAM and PINK TEAM

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If you will look from afar, you will think that it’s easy until you are the one doing it! waaaaah!

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Whew! I never knew that I can do this challenge. It was really a very hard challenge.

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Last ATV Ride before going home 🙂 We Love it!

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Gratchi’s Getaway is a perfect place for events, conferences, seminars, team-building activities, educational tours, workshops, or simply for leisure, relaxation and wellness.

THANK YOU!!! Ms.Gratchi Nuval and Jeff Nuval for accommodating us and for giving us a wonderful Gratchi’s Getaway experience. We really had fun.

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Written by Cristelle Torres
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