Widus Hotel And Casino: My Great Experience

Widus Hotel And Casino: My Great Experience

Pleasant and comfortable plus VERY GOOD food. This is how I describe and  remember my experience when I had my staycation at WIDUS Hotel and Casino (pronounced as “with us”).

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Located at Clark Freeport Zone Pampanga just 2-3 hours away from Manila, WIDUS Hotel and Casino, is a very accessible place to stay or bond with your friends, family and loved ones.

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Back to my story. Upon arrival to WIDUS Hotel and Casino, our group were welcomed warmly by the hotel’s staff, offering us cold towels and welcome drinks for refreshments which are just perfect since it was really hot that afternon.

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While checking in, I can’t help looking around the reception area. It’s really SPACIOUS. High ceiling with few sets of furnitures with a view of their Casino area which we were not allowed to take photos of (I believe all casinos have this kind of protocol).

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After receiving our room keys, a personalized WIDUS Hotel and Casino bag tag were given to us as part of their welcome treat to their guests.

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We were then ushered to our room. I love how WIDUS Hotel and Casino value security because if you will look around the area you will see plenty of CCTV camera. Like other hotels, you cannot just go up using the elevator if you don’t have a room key because you have to tap it on in order to press the floor level button where you are going. Aside from the CCTV Cameras, numerous Fire estinguishers are placed within the hallways just in case of fire.

House Phone is also available on each level just in case you needed something or in case of emergency and if you are outside your room already.

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 And now one of my favorite parts of my staycation experience… My room! and as I enter the room, awww… another welcome treat from WIDUS Hotel and Casino. How sweet!

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As As I look around the room, I feel at home already. Look at that big bed just for me. There’s also a work desk, LED TV with cable and a very fast wifi connection(the password will be provided upon check-in and you can stay connected ANYWHERE at WIDUS Hotel and Casino).

Will definitely live like a king for a day.

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My room has it’s own refrigerator stuffed with different refreshments. Above the refrigerator is a drawer stocked with coffee and snacks. Reminder: drinking and eating one of these will be charged to your account. Don’t worry, just in case that you get thirsty, WIDUS Hotel and Casino provided 2 complimentary mineral water.

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Each room also has the following:

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 Widus hotel and casino gbt81

Laundry Bag/Flashlight

Widus hotel and casino gbt82

Safety Deposit Box

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Hair Dryer

Widus hotel and casino gbt115Disposable Slippers

My room has it’s own bathroom. A different kind of bathroom hehehe. Actually it is my first time to see this kind of set up where you can actually see what’s and who’s inside because of the glass wall. Well, it also has blinds so it is your choice to lay it down or up. The funny thing here is you can actually watch from the LED tv in the room while sitting comfortably in the toilet bowl while… you know hahahah!Widus hotel and casino gbt78

I love their shower head!  It’s like you are taking a bath under the rain.

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You don’t need to worry about bringing your toiletries and towels which can add clutter to your baggage. WIDUS Hotel and Casino will provide your toiletries and towels for FREE.

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 Aside from nice rooms, WIDUS Hotel and Casino has great amenities such as:

Mini Gym. You don’t have to miss your daily workout even your are far away from your home or your home gym. You can still pump up and lose some calories while having your vacation. WIDUS Hotel and Casino gym  also has its own bathroom where you can change and take a bath after your workout. (Located at Tower One)

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 Aisia SPA. Also located at Tower one of WIDUS Hotel and Casino, Pamper and reward yourself with total relaxation thru diffrent massage and spa services. (Sorry for the dim photo, my cam is not that good in low light). Wasn’t able to see what’s inside Aisia SPA because it is still closed when I toured around. 🙂

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Sundry Shop. For miscellaneous shopping inside the hotel, Widus Hotel and Casino has a sundry shop which sells different items.

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Outdoor Pool. This outdoor pool is one of the beautiful amenities that WIDUS Hotel offers, where you can swim and relax with your friends and family. Too bad I wasn’t able to swim because I’m kinda dead tired and just decided to stay in my room.

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Your vacation is not complete if there’s no food. Well, food is really a part of travelling and you can find good food at WIDUS Hotel and Casino’s SALT Restaurant.

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We were then treated to a very sumptuous dinner at Salt Resto and were able to meet WIDUS Hotel and Casino Head Chef, Chef  Johnny Rodriguez. Some of the meals that you are about to see are specially made for us that night and are not available at Salt Resto Menu.

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This meal is made with love and memories. Originally cooked by Chef Johnny’s mom, Maria’s Tamales is something that would definitely make you miss home cooking as you know this dish’ history.

Maria’s Tamales is a made with chicken mole wrapped in corn husk and steamed. Toped with shaved slaw, pickled red onions, feta cheese, and creme fraiche. This meal is best paired with Patron Watermelon Margarita.

widus food


This dish delivers a fusion of flavors in one great meal. Made with cured spanish ham on grilled baguette with french goat cheese, warm red grape vinairette, basil pesto and dried figs. Paired with white wine sangria.

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Want salad? Watercress Salad is made with crispy hoisin pork lardon, with shaved green apples, roma tomatoes, onion ring halo, and sweet sesame dressing. This salad is served with a glass of Benchmark, Shiraz, South Australia, 2013.

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I was in complete awed when I tasted this dish.One of the best Sinigangs that I have tasted to date. Just a sip of the broth alone, it already captured me…”Rice Please?”

This SALMON SINIGANG is made of roasted norweigan salmon filet in traditional sinigang broth. It comes with cherry tomatoes, okra, salmon skin chicharon and ebiko. Served with a glass of Benchmark, Chardonnay, South Australia, 2013.

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This Angus Beef steak is really a tummy filler. Cooked to perfection. You will forget your name with every slice and bite!

This dish is made up of Grilled Angus beef steak, served with brazilian, chimichuri sauce, potato puree, sauteed asparagus and roasted cherry tomatoes. Also served with a glass of Benchmark, CabernetSauvignon, South Australia, 2013.

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And for the last dish… The mouth-watering Pavlovas. Made of Airy Meringue topped with mixed berries and honey-calamansi Viniguarette. This dessert is really one of a kind for its taste. I love how each berry variants give a different flavor with each bite. I love it!

Another food hangout and to go place at Widus Hotel and Casino is the Prism Lounge.

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Widus hotel and casino gbt105Enjoy the night out with friends, have a few drinks and sncks while listening to great music. Prism Lounge will give you a good time.

To celebrate your special occasions such as weddings, business meetings, birthdays, exhibits, promos, receptions, reunions, aniversaries, thanks giving events, may it be casual to formal, personal to corporate, the new Widus Convention Center is a good choice.

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I would like to thank Widus Hotel and Casino for accommodating our group and for giving us such a wonderful time. It was really memorable and If only I can stay much longer, I would and I will. 🙂 One of the best hotel experiences I ever had. I would really recommend it! Two-thumbs up!.

For more information :

Website: www.widus.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/widusclark

Twitter: twitter.com/widusclark

Instagram: @WidusClark

Address:  5400 Manuel A. Roxas Highway, Clark Freeport Zone Pampanga, Philippines 2023

Telephone Number: (+63 45) 499 1000 Trunkline: (+632) 584 4091 Fax Number: (+6345) 499.0979


Address: Unit 2311 Cityland Herrera Tower, 98 V.A Rufino corner Valero St, Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines

Telephone Number: (+632) 840.1430 Fax Number: (+632) 840.1429

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator www.GirlandBoyThing.com