Help Build Lives Thru Caritas Manila’s BUY and GIVE Expo 2013

Help Build Lives Thru Caritas Manila's BUY and GIVE Expo 2013

Caritas Manila

Caritas Manila has been known in helping and building social entrepreneurs from our country’s poor communities and marginalized sector, providing skills and livelihood works through Caritas Manila’s Social Enterprise programs such as Caritas Margins and Segunda Mana.


Segunda Mana

Launched October 27,2007, Segunda Mana, a special Donation-in-kind program of Caritas Manila where it promotes the joy of giving to help those who are in need by donating items that are no longer needed used or unused, have too much of or about to throw away which have value and may be sold. It also promotes Reducing, Re-Using, and Recycling.

Segunda Mana accepts the following items:

– OLD ITEMS that can still be used
– USED ITEMS that still have value

All items that were donated and collected were segregated, grouped and priced at Caritas Segunda Mana Warehouse.

And then distributed and sold to different Segunda Mana Stores.

Proceeds from the Segunda Mama sales will be used for pro-poor programs of Caritas.

Donations can be picked up by Caritas from your home. For inquiries and assign for pick-up items that you want to donate, you may call at (632) 564-0205 to 562-0020 to 25 or email at and


Caritas Manila

Caritas Margins, “Margins” from the word “marginalized”, refers to groups who are neglected, deprived and ignored and these are people who are poor.

Caritas Margin is a Skills Training Program of Caritas Manila which conducts various trainings such as: Crafting fashion accessories, production of herbal soaps, perfume, medicinal ointments and homecare products and food processing & commercial cooking.

Here are Caritas Margin’s products:

1. PaintingsArtworks by prisoners in the National Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City. The artist inmates typically use acrylic or oil to express their creativity and imagination, depicting still life, nature and religious images.

2. Knotted Rosary –the knotted rosaries are intricately crafted also by inmates in the National Bilibid Prison.

3. Bakya and sandals – Made from dried water lilies abundant in the Laguna de Bay, these are handcrafted by women from Cupang, Muntinlupa City.

4. Bead Products – Made from beads in various designs, these bags, coin purse, wallets, pen holders and rosaries are produced by the urban poor partners trained by Caritas Manila through its Livelihood Program.

5. Bags –These are bags sewn by men and women from Tondo, Manila out of recycled denim, katsa, jute bags and tarpaulin. There are also bags and other items crafted from recycled papers by inmates in San Juan City jail.

6. Mr. Bean bear and other stuffed toys – Stuffed toys sewn from denim by men and women from Tondo, Manila

7. Home Care Products – products such as dishwashing liquid, hand soap and detergent powder are being manufactured by Caritas Youth Servant Leaders and other partners, under the supervision of a volunteer licensed chemist.

Caritas Margins also supports and markets products made by urban poor partners and inmates through the Caritas Restorative Justice Program where Paintings drawn by talented artist inmates and crafts made by urban poor partners were sold.

Caritas Margins

Through the Caritas Margin Program, urban poor partners and families of prisoners will have their source of income to augment and uplift the quality of their living.

Proceeds from the sales of the Caritas Margins products also support the Caritas scholarship program, the Youth and Servant Leadership and Education Program.

To date, a total of 32,937 urban poor partners have acquired livelihood skills from these trainings, which have been put to practical use in their products and services.

For more inquiries for Caritas ISKILS program email


In Celebration of Caritas Manila Inc. 60 years in helping poor Filipinos through their Social missions and programs will be conducting an Anniversary Expo this coming November 29 till December 1 at the Activity Center Of Trinoma Mall.

Caritas Manila

Caritas Manila’s BUY and GIVE Anniversary Expo will feature and showcase products made by social entrepreneurs via Caritas Manila’s own social enterprise: Caritas Margins and Segunda Mana.

This event aims to raise funds to help sustain the pro-poor programs of Caritas Manila.

All products that will be sold in the BUY and GIVE EXPO are made by the poor communities and from the marginalized sector currently being supported by Caritas Manila like Art pieces made by residents from National Bilibid Prison, gift items, accessories, and personal care products made by urban poor families, pre-loved items and inventories from Caritas Manila’s benefactors and corporate partners.

By Buying you can help other people in 3 ways :
1st – the item one buys gives income to the producer of the product from the poor community/marginalized sector

2nd – part of the revenues will be plowed back to help sustain Caritas Manila’s pro-poor programs, specifically on Skills and Livelihood Training and Youth Servant Leadership and Education Programs.

3rd – buying the product is giving to oneself or for someone else to appreciate.

Here’s the Program of Activities for the 3-day BUY and GIVE! Expo

Day 1 – Opening – November 29, 2013
– Ribbon-cutting
– Meet & greet with celebrity guests/Pres Con
– Healing Mass
– Showcase of Caritas Margins Products, talents c/o modelling agency

Day 2 – November 30, 2013-09-20
– Cooking with Chef Jessie
– Variety Show
– YSLEP Performers
– Healing Mass

Day 3 – December 1, 2013
– YSLEP Performers
– Healing Mass

COME, VISIT and BUY at the Caritas Manila’s BUY and GIVE EXPO. You will find great items at reasonable prices, Perfect as a gift to your loved ones, friends and yourself.

Remember, for every product you BUY, you actually GIVE to someone in need.
“Buying is a new way of giving”

For more information you may visit or you may visit Caritas Manila Facebook Page

Address: Caritas Manila INC., 2002 Jesus Street, Pandacan, Manila, Philippines

Telephone: (632) 564-0205; 562-0020 to 25

Fax: (632) 563-93-06; (632) 564-6678

Email: ;

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator