The Importance Of Enzymes In Human’s Health

The Importance Of Enzymes In Human's Health

All cells require enzymes to survive and function. And for us humans,we need these enzymes to fully function well. Enzymes are so called “workers” in our body where it is responsible for constructing,dispensing, delivering,  synthesizing, carrying, and  eliminating toxins and other chemicals in our body.

Enzymes are classified into three categories:

METABOLIC ENZYMES: These enzymes provide energy and are instrumental in the growth of new cells and the maintenance of all tissue.

DIGESTIVE ENZYMES: This enzyme breaks down protein, carbohydrates, and fats allowing the nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream and used in various body functions.

FOOD ENZYMES: Food enzymes exist naturally in raw food like fruits and vegetables and it dies depending on the process of how you prepapre your food.


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When us humans cook our food, we  are unaware that it destroys the natural enzyme leaving our food nutritionless. It’s about 40 Degrees Celcius to kill these natural enzymes. So, what you are eating is enzymeless meaning dead food.

Studies show that enzyme deficiency can cause different health problems and accelerates aging. People who suffer from number of chronic diseases like Diabetes, , arthitis, hypertention, cancer,  skin disorders and immune disorders could be caused by ENZYME DEFFICIENCY. As we age, our enzymes decreases. And in order for us humans to replenish these important and depleting enzymes, we find some ways to replenish it.

According to Rob Voughan, The Primary cause of disease is an excess of enzyme-deficient cooked food, which drains our enzyme potential and leaves excess waste in the body.

Naturally, enzymes are found in the food we eat, mostly raw,  BUT the question is….DOES THE FOOD YOU ARE EATING REALLY HAS ENZYMES OR STILL HAS ENZYMES?

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There wouldn’t be any problem for that because Pillars5, a company  established to promote health and wellness, has this product called Life ENZYME which contain 150 cold and warm season fruits and vegetables plus probiotics processed to a certain manner that will not destroy the natural enzymes that are very beneficial to our body.

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Life ENZYME fruits and vegetable enzyme +probiotics is certified to contain lipase, amylase, and protease enzyme activity plus probiotics, vitamins and minerals making it a compleate and healthy nutrition suplement.

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– Promotes proper and complete digestion.

– Aids in the relief of digestive disorder symptoms like acidity, reflux, heartburn bloating, gastritis and many more.

– Help regulate bowel movement.

– Increases energy.

– Assist the body in achieving balance for health.

– Helps slow down aging.

– Supports the immune system.

Knowing the benefits of Enzymes in our body, it is very important that we get the right nutrition that we need in order to function well. Aside from that we should prepare it right in order to properly nourish our body.


Life ENZYMES is available at  Pillars5 Office:

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator