Make The Right Choice For Your Fruit Drink… Make It Smart C+

Make The Right Choice For Your Fruit Drink... Make It Smart C+

Everyday, we are exposed to different germs, bacteria and viruses. And nowadays it is very expensive to get sick. That is why we should load up our dose of  Vitamin C to boost up our immune system.

Take for instance the young and unstoppable Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited grand winner, Slater Young.  Amidst his engagements, Slater has chosen to get his immunity boost in one refreshing and convenient drink, Oishi Smart C+.

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So, make the clever move and #thinkaboutyourdrink. Your best ally and defense is your daily dose of resistance-building Vitamin C and you can find it on Smart C+.

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Now you can cope with the daily demands of your dynamic life which then makes you unstoppable and ready whenever, wherever.

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As Slater put it, “Why just drink to refresh when you can also drink to get your daily dose of Vitamin C? With Smart C+ you get both and I think that’s really smart.”


Smart C+ comes in three thirst-quenching flavors: Lemon Squeeze, Orange Crush and Pomelo Grapefruit. Each refreshing flavor contains 500mg of Vitamin C+ to keep up with your daily tasks and passionate pursuits.


As for me I would definitely enjoy loading up my daily dose of Vitamin C  just by drinking  Oishi Smart C+ fruit juices. Just the other day, I was surprised to receive a box full of Oishi Smart C+

Thank you so much Oishi Smart C+ and First Tier for the generous gift. 🙂

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And here’s my personal favorite… The Smart C+ Pomelo Grapefruit flavor.  It is also best to drink it when chilled. Simply the best!

It is not like other fruit juices that taste like chemicals or medicines. Smart C+ Pomelo Grapefruit flavor would really give you the taste of Pomelo and Grapefruit because it contains real fruit juices. Aside from that there’s no added preservatives, artificial colors and even artificial sweeteners.


Perfect timing for the hot weather and perfect partner to any snacks.

Smart C+ is available at leading supermarkets and grocery stores nearest you.

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator