Say it with FRES…

Say it with FRES...

With so many candies now out in the market, There is one candy that really caught my attention, it is FRES Mint candy.  When I was in college, every time I go to the supermarket to buy my stock of candies, I always look for FRES. I really like the taste of it specially the Barley flavor which is my personal favorite 🙂 . I also tasted the grape and cherry flavor, which I also like. I  love the taste of mint in it because it doesn’t overshaddow the flavor, well in fact it actually compliments with the flavor.

Say it with FRES...

You will not just enjoy the taste of FRES Mint candy, you will also enjoy the “little messages” that are written in the wrapper of each candy foil, which you can  use creatively . “The only fresh and fragrant candy that can talk” … Surely, what you can’t say in words, you can say with FRES… here are some of the messages.

Say it with FRES...Say it with FRES...Say it with FRES...Say it with FRES...

 Cool right?! 🙂

FRES Mint  candy is available in all supermarkets, and sari-sari store. It has 3 variants, Barley, Cherry and Grapes flavor.

Say it with FRES...Say it with FRES...Say it with FRES...

FRES Mint is a product of PT MYORA INDAH Tbk. and exclusively distributed by TRIDHARMA MARKETING CORPORATION.

Try other PT  products distributed by TRIDHARMA MARKETING CORPORATION.

Say it with FRES...


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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator