Sharp Launches a “Showroom” of Innovative Solution for Buisness and Education

Sharp Launches a "Showroom" of Innovative Solution for Buisness and Education

Technology has been very helpful and effective to every business nowadys. Using technology helps businesses maximize productivity and efficiency to be more competitive.  Now, most business is conducted over personal computers or communication devices like tablets, smartphones, everything is almost done in one click, one swipe and one touch.

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Business is constantly adapting to new technology. With this, SHARP, one of the country’s leading brands when it comes to electronics and home appliances launches their newest showroom showcasing SHARP‘s “Total Business Solution” latest line-up of innovative imaging equipments that will surely address communication needs whether in corporate offices, commercial spaces and even classrooms.

SHARP’s newest  showroom themed “One Touch to your Innovative Business Solutions” affirms SHARP‘s commitment to help the Philippine business community to make their workplace practices more efficient using SHARP’s newest large-format and high-prformance LCD and LED monitors.

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Mr. Takahiro Tanaka, President and General manager of Sharp(Phils.) Corp. said “We at SHARP know just know how it is not just to be an outstanding business, but one that tru;y stands out, despite the ever-evolving needs and wants of the consumers. That is why we decided to open SHARP’s very first Business Equipment Showroom- to give your business solution needs at one touch. We’re sure that each product here can serve yor business beyond your expectations. While they may function differently from one another, rest assured that all of them bear the hallmark qualities of a Sharp Business Equipment, or any SHARP product, fot that matter- innovative, reliable, easy to use, versatile, and efficient.”

Here are some of SHARP products  in their showroom.

Standalone Display(PN-A601) LCD Monitor


Standalone Display(PN-A601) LCD Monitor is a 60-inch  professional LCD screen designed to offer compelling visuals as a public display and digital signge in shopping centers, transport hubs and commercial areas with ultra brightness for unmatched visibility even in brightly lit surroundings.  It is ideal for promoting products, displays of important announcements and other aplications.

The full HD screen comes with UV2A or Ultraviolet-induced Multi-Domain Vertical Alignment Technology which provides exceptionally detailed images, high energy efficiency and local dimming.

Video Wall Multi-Screen Display(PN-V601)


Video Wall Multi-Screen Display(PN-V601) boasts an ultra-slim bezel on a 60-inch professional LCD Monitor, perfect for signages and other multi-screen configurations. Multiple screens can be attached to each other to create a perfect and professional video wall so you can catch the attention of the peopleand help you establish your brand in public areas such as museaums, malls, commercial centers, airports, concerts and other wide-audience gatherings.

Its full-array LED backlight provides more uniform brightness, and can be used for stand-alone or network systems.

Multi-Touch Desktop Display(LL-S201A)


Multi-Touch Desktop Display(LL-S201A) is a 19.5-inch multi-touch Full HD LCD screen that offers lightning -quick response to wrighting and touch gestures in various styles like Standing, Pen-writing, Horizontal depending on the user’s preference and requirements.

Multi-Touch Desktop Display(LL-S201A) can be used in viewing creative work, facilitating live face-to-face discussions in schools and corporate meetings, medical services and consultations, and can connect seamlessly with the SHARP Interactive Display Panel via Windows Operating System.

Interactive Display Panel Touchscreen Whiteboard(PN-L702B)

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Interactive Display Panel Touchscreen Whiteboard(PN-L702B) is an LCD monitor that allows easy sharing, collaboration and communication. A perfect setup that will complement today’s offoces and classrooms. With exellent image quality and ease of use, these monitors can function as totally interactive whiteboard or as part of video conferencing system as it brings easy communication and touch-and-show efficiency during discussions or presentations.

Another good thing about Interactive Display Panel Touchscreen Whiteboard(PN-L702B) is that 50 smartphones, tablets can simultaneously connect to it.

 SHARP 4K2K Desktop Display(PN-K321)


 SHARP 4K2K Desktop Display(PN-K321) employs SHARP’s cutting-edge IGZO Technology with two distinct benefits: high definition and energy efficiency. This technology supports increased pixel transparency and reduced current leakage for lower power conumption. Boasting four times the resolution of a 1080p full HD screen, the PN-K321 allows users to view four full HD screens on a single seamless display.

This product is ideal for viewing of pictures and images, landscapes, layouts, and even drawings with detailed nformation, and other demanding professional applications that require clear-cut precision and round-the-clock operation.

 90-inch SHARP Quattron(LC-90LE740X)

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To complete the portfolio of products found in the SHARP Buisness Equipment showroom is the 90-inch SHARP Quattron(LC-90LE740X). It is 3D capable, with UV2A X-Gen Panel, with AquaMotion 200 for better detail and less blur.

You can enjoy viewing pictures, videos and other corporate presentations and make them come alive with exeptional clarity and cinema quality imags through its 1080/24p signal input, plus SRS TruSurround HD, Bass Enhancer and Audio Engine LSI for enhanced audio quality.

Aren’t these products amazing? More of SHARP products avaiable in their showroom for you so look at and order and will surely help your business go up.

For more information about the SHARP Total Business Solutions Showroom and all of SHARP Products you may visit.

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator