Stanley Chi’s Newest Book…POGI POINTS

Stanley Chi's Newest Book...POGI POINTS

Stanley Chi's Newest Book...POGI POINTS

Stanley Chi, the author of bestselling books Suplado Tips 1 and Suplado Tips 2, that sold over PhP 2M worth of books in just one year came up with another book “Pogi Points, The not-so-gentleman’s guide to looking good“.

Stanley Chi's Newest Book...POGI POINTS

Pogi Points is a collection of tips on how to get ahead in love through strategic behavior. It teaches the naive boy on how to act around his object of admiration, giving advices in courtship for guys who want to win over the girl of their dreams. Aside from tips on how to score more pogi points, the book contains photo comic strips, serious relationship facts, fun pogi trivia, and self-help lists.

“Ang pagiging gwapo, inborn; ang pagiging pogi, napag-aaralan (Being handsome is inborn; being pogi is something you can learn),” Chi explains.

Stanley Chis’s works were also cited and he became the first ever endorser “MIBF Bookworms” of The Manila International Book Fair, the biggest book fair in the Philippines. Together with social activist Carlos Celdran and fellow comedian-authors Ramon Bautista and Tado Jimenez in an online video campaign to promote literacy.

One Pogi Points pointer says, “Kung dinaan mo sa personality ang isang babae, para mo naring sinabi na pangit ka (If you use your personality to win over a girl, it’s like saying you’re too ugly [to do it any other way])!”

Stanley Chi's Newest Book...POGI POINTS


Stanley Chi’s Pogi Points is now available in all leading bookstore… GRAB a copy now and get the girl of your dreams 🙂

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Each copy of Stanley Chi’s Pogi Points book comes with a certificate and a card.

Stanley Chi’s “Pogi Points” Book Launch:

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