Style up your Fashion with Skintec’s Fiona Cologne and Grips Hair Wax

Style up your Fashion with Skintec's Fiona Cologne and Grips Hair Wax

Fashion is not only about what you wear, how you carry and project  yourself presentably, but also a part of that fashion is your scent. For me, looking good is not enough, you should also smell good because if you smell good you also smell clean. So wearing perfume or a cologne is a must for me even if I am just at home.


So, how do you choose the right scent for you? Of course it will depend upon your taste of fragrances. It can be sweet, floral, fresh scent, citrus scent, etc. and with Skintec,  they offer a new line of fragrances that will suit your taste. Introducing…  FIONA COLOGNE.

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 Raspberry Drops, Youthful Bliss,Cool Burst, Pretty Mist, Snow Breeze, Bubbly Pink and Ice Glacier, and Ice Breeze. 

 FIONA Colognes are packed individually in fliptop bottles 25ml  for Php 15.00, 50ml  for Php 24.75,  75ml for Php 34.00, 100ml for Php 39.00 and 50ml spray bottle for Php 35.25.  Very affordable right?

What’s good about FIONA Colognes?

FIONA Cologne uses top quality ingredients which are hypoallergenic and BFAD Approved. So it is safe for use on kids,babies, and for sensitive skin(if you will apply it on your skin). Not only that, each FIONA scents are made from top quality fragrance oils just like the ones used by leading brands of fragrances in the market and will last 5-6 hours. WOW! that is a long time span of scent for a cologne.

I have come to try FIONA Colognes and here’s my top 3 choices…

skintec girlandboything7

I love these three… Cool Burst because of its fresh scent as if you just took a bath. Pretty Mist and Bubbly Pink for its sweet scent.


With FIONA Cologne you really can’t stop smelling!!!

TRY it now and smell good…


Another great SkinTec product line…  Grips Hair Wax.  Style up your hair and attain that maximum control without dryness and build-up. Grips Hair Wax has Pro-Vitamin B5 which maintains the moisture level of the hair and stimulate hair growth.

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Available in three variants:

grips4skintec girlandboything11skintec girlandboything2

GRIPS HAIR WAX Hard and Shiny  75 grams/jar for only PhP 81.75, 5 grams/sachet for only PhP 3.40

skintec girlandboything15skintec girlandboything1

GRIPS HAIR WAX Xtreme Hard and Mat 75 grams/jar for only PhP 85.00, 5 grams/sachet for only PhP 3.63

grips 3skintec girlandboything10

GRIPS HAIR WAX Hard and Mat 75 grams/jar for only PhP 81.75, 5 grams/sachet for only PhP 3.40.

In addition to Skintec hair product line… GRIPS Hair Clay Fx. Unlike other GRIPS hair waxes, GRIPS Hair Clay Fx has easy wash formula so you can change your hairstyle anytime, anywhere without the hassle of that sticky residue.

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GRIPS CLAY FX  is available in 75grams/jar for Only PhP86.90 and 5 grams/sachet for only Only PhP4.35

skintec 3

GRIPS also has  3 variants of Hair Gel. Extra Strong Hold with D-Panthenol, Strong Hold with D-Panthenol, and Strong Hold with Aloe Vera. All variants are available in 50 grams (PhP11.55) and 130 grams(PhP20.90)  bottle tubes and 14 grams sachets (PhP15.90 12 pieces).

 Skintec products are avialable in Puregold Supermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, Shopwise, Rustan’s Supermarket, and in other leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.


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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator