The Auntie Anne’s Kit Kat Wind Upz Pretzel

The Auntie Anne's Kit Kat Wind Upz Pretzel

Have you tried the newest offer from Auntie Anne’s?

If not, then “take a break” from your busy life and head on to any Auntie Anne’s branch near you to take a bite of their newest variant… The Auntie Anne’s Kit Kat Wind-Upz.wpid-auntie-annes-kit-kat-wind-upz-gbt-3.jpg.jpeg

Auntie Anne’s, known for making delicious pretzels welcomes the holiday season with their newest variant as they partnered with Kit Kat to bring pretzel lovers a brand new pretzel experience.

Get 2 pieces of this mouth-watering treat for a very reasonable price of Php79.


If you are a chocolate lover and if you love Kit Kat then you will defnitely love Auntie Anne’s Wind-Upz.


Take a bite of Auntie Anne’s Wind-Upz and taste the soft and chewy pretzel outside and the sweet crunchy Kit Kat on the inside.


Auntie Anne’s Wind-Upz is made of Kit Kat wafers wrapped with Auntie Anne’s signature pretzel dough and then baked to perfection.


Auntie Anne’s Wind-Upz is only available for a limited time only, limited means just for the holiday season.

So visit any Auntie Anne’s branch nationwide and better grab and taste Auntie Anne’s Wind-Upz pretzel variant.

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator