The Yummy Benefits Of Wet Food For Dogs

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All dogs require proper nutrition, and choosing the right diet for your dog can be a challenging task for pet parents. That is why many dog owners opt for dry food which is easy to store, and prepare. However, Veterinarians also recommend feeding a mixture of wet food as a main meal diet to your dog.

Here’s why.

Healthy tastes boring – says who?

Dogs easily become bored of eating the same thing every day and some dog owners must live with the reality that their dog is a finicky eater for the rest of their lives. When this happens, pet owners might want to consider experimenting with a new flavor.

The Yummy Benefits Of Wet Food For Dogs

Dr. Saza Curaming together with her dog, Matchi, a 5-year old Mini Schnauzer

According to Dr. Saza Curaming, Scientific Communications Manager, Mars Pet Nutrition for Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore…

“Wet food does not only contain 70 to 80 percent more vitamins and minerals that your pet requires, it is also high in protein, providing a complete and nutritionally balanced meal. More interestingly, its consistency is very appealing to most dogs.”

Pedigree Wet Food offers 38 essential nutrients to strengthen your dog’s immune system and keep them happy and healthy. It comes in cans and pouches, and there are a number of flavors to select from. At the same time, Pedigree Wet Food comes with different flavors available such as beef, chicken, and liver that are absolutely delicious for our paw friends.

“For puppies, Pedigree offers Nutri Defense that gives your puppy the DHA and fiber to support their immune system.” She also said “Wet food is also an excellent meal for puppies since it helps to strengthen their teeth and ensures the pet parents that their dogs will get adequate nutrition as they grow.”

Including wet food in your dog’s meal gives them varied tastes and textures, making mealtimes even more enjoyable for your fluffy pets. For mixed feeding, dog owners might add wet food as a topper on top of the dry food. Dr. Saza says,

“Wet food is a terrific way to mix things up for your pet, especially if you notice it’s rejecting meals it used to enjoy.”

Maintains hydration level

Another key benefit of wet food is that it hydrates dogs that do not drink enough water on a daily basis. By providing your dog wet food, it will improve and maintain hydration levels without having to worry about it being dehydrated, especially in hotter seasons.

As wet food helps improve proper kidney function and contains proteins in their original state. Dr. Saza says…

“Since wet food is high in moisture content, it helps dog maintain a healthy urinary system. To ensure a well hydrated dog, it is however still necessary to always provide clean and fresh water every day.”

Aids weight loss

Wet food’s main component is protein, which has fewer carbs. As a result, it has lower calorie density and even helps to promote satisfaction for dogs.

“Incorporating wet food to your dog’s meals will prevent excess calories from being absorbed while still providing sufficient nourishment. Some pet parents feed their dogs with homemade food and that can lead pets to gain weight and have loose stools. But with feeding wet food or a mix of wet and dry to your dog, it can produce smaller and firmer stools,” explains Dr. Saza.

Dental-disease friendly

In addition, since wet food is composed of chunks that are soft, it is a good choice for dogs with dental disorders, gum problems or reduced senses. Depending on the comfort levels, the amount of wet food to mix with dry food can be varied.

Dr. Saza highlights that “Pet owners may easily combine wet dog food with dry dog food and home-cooked food, or simply use it as a topping.”

Ready to spice up your pet’s food? Grab a pouch for your dog today! For more information about Pedigree Wet Food visit or go to supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide.

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator